About Jabra

Headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, Jabra is part of the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, established almost 150 years ago. Jabra is the only company that creates consumer headphones, professional headsets and hearing aids under one roof.

At Jabra, passionate and dedicated engineers spend hours in research to create new sound technologies. Jabra has launched the world’s first ultra-noise-cancelling microphone, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset and the world’s first sports headphones with integrated heart-rate monitor, to name a few of the smart devices created by its teams.

Objectives and expectations

Before using Haiilo, Jabra used to create engaging content on a regular basis but the organization was struggling to curate this content in an effective way. It was challenging for employees to keep up with company news and all the content produced by the marketing team. Jabra was looking for a solution that would make it easy to spread its content in a more effective way across its departments as well as outside the organization.

In parallel, Jabra wanted to help its employees to build their personal brand on social media. Before using Haiilo, employees didn’t actively share professional content. They used to feel insecure about the company-related content they could post on social media. They were missing out on the opportunity to grow their personal brand on social media. For example, hundreds of hours of research and meticulous engineering go into each of Jabra products but the organization didn’t have a clear strategy in place that would help engineers to showcase their expertise and share product updates online.

Haiilo in action

Jabra decided to launch an employee advocacy program to improve its content distribution within and outside the organization. Haiilo was chosen for its nordic design which made it easy and intuitive for Jabra to deliver a feed of content that’s relevant to each individual employee every single day. That way Jabra could facilitate discussions and make collaboration around relevant topics easier. Everything is measured so the marketing team can learn what content resonates with Jabra’s audience and continuously improve. Implementing an employee advocacy program with Haiilo was also a great way to establish social media guidelines and make sure that all employees were aligned with the organization’s vision and strategy.

Jabra’s employees have quickly adopted the app, and they are actively sharing brand-related content with their own networks all while proposing third-party content related to sound technologies their colleagues may be interested in. Since the launch of Haiilo, employees have been committed to increasing their footprint on social media and improving their HaiiloScore (a score between 1 and 100 that measures their online influence). They now feel confident with the content they share with their own networks.

With Haiilo at Jabra, employee engagement is driven by the results employees achieve on social media in terms of reach and engagement. According to Mark Gaardbo, Global Social & Digital Media Manager, “employees see the value of using Haiilo and growing their personal brand on social media. I have been more than happy with the platform and I can easily recommend it. Each business has to evaluate its own tools for its success, but the tool is really strong, intuitive, easy to use and easy to get started with.”

Results Achieved with Haiilo

Haiilo has helped the marketing team improve Jabra’s brand awareness and drive more traffic to the company’s website. The bigger GN Group organization and the subsidiary company GN Resound have been eager to be part of the program, as they realized that they could boost their content strategy with Haiilo. In terms of social media activities, Haiilo has boosted employees’ online presence and influence: 25 new posts are added to the platform every month on average. Employees are now actively sharing Jabra and industry-related content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Xing. 15.74K posts have been shared through Haiilo in 2018 and 13.31M people have been reached through employees’ posts.

Employees also use Haiilo as an internal communications tool: they often share their thoughts, key findings, trends, and industry-related content with their colleagues. Overall, 50% of the content uploaded to Haiilo in 2018 has been proposed by employees. It’s this mix of externally shareable content and internal communications content that drives adoption and turns Haiilo into more than just a good employee advocacy program but a great communications channel to connect content with employees.

In parallel, B2B sales representatives noticed that it became easier to start discussions with leads on social media. Indeed, by implementing Haiilo, Jabra made it easy for its B2B sales teams to find engaging content and to share it with their prospects. That way they could create their pipelines in a more effective way all while shortening sales cycles.

Karl Bateson profile photo

Jabra painstakingly searched for a global solution capable of amplifying our content, engaging our employees and raising brand awareness. The introduction of Haiilo helped us to connect our employees to the brand all while helping us to achieve a triple-digit increase in customer reach. Haiilo has been a game changer for us.

Karl Bateson
Head of PR - North America