Place the Employee Experience at the Forefront

A digital employee experience platform that effortlessly complements your existing tech infrastructure, enhancing the digital workspace and boosting employee satisfaction. With Haiilo, experience top-tier performance and reliability.

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The Haiilo platform has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Haiilo, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.

Laura Manninen
Head of Content Marketing & External Communications, KPMG Sweden

Meet Them Where They Are: Seamless Integrations

No more juggling between tools. With Haiilo, integrate effortlessly with platforms like Microsoft and Google Workspace, ensuring a unified and enhanced user experience, improved collaboration, and higher levels of employee engagement.

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Prioritize Security and Compliance

Your data’s security is our top priority. Rely on Haiilo’s commitment to top-tier data protection, GDPR compliance, and regular security audits. Sleep easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

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AI-Driven Efficiency

More than just an AI-powered content creator; it’s a bridge to a seamless digital employee experience. With AVA, you’re not just speeding up content creation; you’re enhancing the very essence of the digital workplace.


Break Down Silos with Open Communities

Foster transparency within your organization and make knowledge-sharing part of your company culture. Experience the synergy effects of employee communities and discussions, all under a secure and robust digital employee experience platform.

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Trusted by Tech Teams Worldwide

Join the ranks of over 1,000 enterprises that trust Haiilo for its technical robustness, seamless integrations, and unparalleled support.

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