How Haiilo has improved internal communication at Rotkäppchen-Mumm

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Learn more about internal communications at Rotkäppchen-Mumm

Rotkäppchen-Mumm is Germany’s leading supplier of sparkling wine, wine and spirits and is renowned around the world. Since its foundation in 1856, the company has stood for an ever-growing range of valued brands and innovations.

#1 in the German sparkling wine, branded wine and spirits market, it combines a diverse selection of its own production with a distribution range of over 200 international premium products.

As a formative force in the market, the Group focusses on high quality standards, promotion of their industry expertise, whilst aligning its product range with consumer needs. Rotkäppchen-Mumm’s most successful brands include Little Red Riding Hood, Mumm, Geldermann, Ruggeri Prosecco DOCG, Doppio Passo and Echter Nordhäuser.

What challenges did RM face?

In essence, there were five key points that Rotkäppchen-Mumm wanted to solve through introducing an employee communications platform:

  • Improved internal communication
  • Introduction of a modern intranet
  • Strengthen employee loyalty and engagement
  • Promote cooperation and exchange between teams internally
  • Reduce the flood of e-mails
profile photo Anne Schmidt

With myRM, we now have a central point of contact in the company where everything can be found. The mobile version is also very simple to use. The fact that myRM connects us across all locations and departments, and that we can share successes and any issues as a whole company, is certainly worthy of special mention.

Anne Schmidt
Corporate Affairs & Communication

How was Haiilo Home first introduced, and rolled out internally?

In 2017, Haiilo Home, the first ever social intranet for the company, was introduced. The background work, before introduction, was the search for a tool to support internal communication most critically. This was needed because over recent years, the company has grown in size considerably, has many new employees, and new global locations as a result. Therefore, the need arose to establish structured internal communications.

The challenge was to get all employees excited about the concept of their own social intranet, myRM, and at the same time to introduce them to new software. This was solved by launching myRM with a big bang at the company-wide employee day in the HQ of Freyburg (Unstrut) in May 2017. With a symbolic push of a red button by the management, myRM went live.

In addition, there was an information booth and extensive information material. From the very beginning, it has been a key factor that myRM is supported by senior management and used as the number 1 tool for internal communication.

Macbook-Screenshot of a website

A reason to toast: celebrating five years with Haiilo Home, and we continue to evolve the platform together

In addition to simplifying the backend, the project team unlocked additional functions for users as part of the cloud migration. In particular, app white labelling was an important step towards simplifying mobile use and feeling cohesive.

Due to the factory location in Italy, a multi-language solution was also an important factor. In the backend, employees also benefit from analytics and automated updates.

5 Jahre Haiilo & Rotkäppchen

How does Rotkäppchen-Mumm use Haiilo Home now?

The company has made Haiilo Home or myRM the number 1 tool for the company, and first point of contact for internal communication – across all locations, departments and hierarchical levels. In terms of content, employees use it in particular for one-to-many or many-to-many communication. The communities are also a popular feature for topic-related exchanges.

In addition, all important documents can be found on myRM. The teaser on the homepage provides a selection of the topics that are currently available on myRM for signposting.

The management has its own blog, which it uses to regularly address employees.

Some departments, e.g. the sales department use myRM as a record list. Every successful placement of Rotkäppchen-Mumm products – whether in retail or gastronomy – is photographed and uploaded to myRM in the corresponding workspace. This way, colleagues are informed,  and successes are celebrated together at the same time.

Social Intranet Screenshot Rotkäppchen
Corporate Communications Manager

Haiilo Home or myRM helps us to network the company, to have a central point of contact for internal communications and all topics related to the company, as well as to cover all use cases through the diverse functions (e.g. surveys, blogs, postings, static information), but also to interact with employees and thus capture sentiment.

Kevin Krause
Corporate Communications Manager

The result: measurably higher employee engagement

In a recent survey in 2022, 80% of employees said they use myRM several times a day – nearly one in two even use myRM daily. Engagement in the first half of 2022 alone gave:

  • 1,810 timeline posts
  • 260 blog posts
  • 10,660 file uploads
Corporate Communications Manager

I can highly recommend Haiilo Home. In my opinion, Haiilo has an advantage over other providers in that the platform offers a wide range of functionality, whilst maintaining clarity for all users. For our current situation and needs, we were the ideal use case!

Kevin Krause
Corporate Communications Manager