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Get a branded mobile app and a central comms hub for all of your employees and provide a measurable business impact for your energy business.

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Powerful employee communications


When it comes to communicating important news quickly, Haiilo is your ultimate solution. You reach your employees with targeted and relevant content on the channels they really use. Important updates will never go unnoticed again.

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From wind power plants to installation projects, frontline employees in the energy industry have traditionally been isolated from their colleagues. With Haiilo, you keep all your employees informed. No email address or phone number required.

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By connecting all of your employees, you not only create and strengthen a sense of community and belonging but also promote exchange between them to learn from each other.

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More than 2 million employees worldwide rely on the Haiillo platform every day to communicate securely within their organization. From ISO 27001 certification to GDPR compliance, Haiilo provides you with industry-leading enterprise security to help safeguard your data.

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We know it’s hard to find top talent. Haiilo helps you push your employer brand on social media to find the perfect matches for your teams. Through employee advocacy, you can share your stories through the social networks of your own employees.

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Haiilo allows you to easily set up surveys to get actionable insights about your teams. Asking the right questions at the right time will help you act on issues before they turn into turnover, absenteeism, or disengagement.

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Did you know that messages from employees reach 561% further on social media than messages from companies? Make it easy for your employees to share your news and to position as industry experts. Let them become your biggest brand advocates thanks to our employee advocacy platform.

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