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Reach all employees with meaningful communication and create a strong corporate culture while continuously measuring your success.

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The Haiilo platform has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Haiilo, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.

Laura Manninen
Head of Content Marketing & External Communications, KPMG Sweden

Reach everyone
with just a click

No matter which channel your employees use most, you’ll catch them right where they are. Besides providing all important news and information on their personal news feed, you can easily raise awareness with targeted multi-channel communications.

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Stop the information

Studies say that on average every person sees up to 10,000 ad impressions every single day. This madness shouldn’t be transferred to the internal comms. Let your employees decide which information they need. They know best.

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Never start on a blank sheet of paper again

Haiilo’s AI integration AVA (Artificial Virtual Assistant) can help you create content up to 10x faster. Adding AI capabilities to your content creation directly to where you process the content daily will allow you to work much more efficiently and a lot faster.

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More than 1,000 companies connect their working world through Haiilo

Finally, break
information silos

Someone has always got the answer. With open communities and transparent discussions, you make news and knowledge accessible for everyone in your organization. You’ll be surprised about all the synergies that’ll come to light.

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Know your

Numbers are always important, but rarely easy to get. That’s why you get analytic tools for all your Haiilo products. Which content type works best? What employees are engaged the most? With our analytic tools, you have all those numbers at a glance.

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  • How KPMG Sweden Took Their Employee Communications to the Next Level with Haiilo

    How KPMG Sweden Took Their Employee Communications to the Next Level with Haiilo

  • How Swarovski Empowers and Inspires its Employees With Haiilo

    How Swarovski Empowers and Inspires its Employees With Haiilo

Haiilo matches your internal comms strategy

  • Do it yourself

    Internal comms have to be fast and dynamic. With very few clicks, you send out videos, images, blog articles, and more to the whole workforce.

  • Spread your company goals & values

    Make sure the whole workforce acts in concert and knows which direction to go. This increases motivation and ensures better decision-making.

  • Strengthen your company culture

    Leadership visibility, open discussion, knowledge sharing, and 2-way-comms are only a few ways to shape your company culture with Haiilo.

  • Improve your adoption rates

    Most of our customers see adoption rates of above 90% and 2x more engagement than in other social intranets.

  • Make communications fun for all

    Gamification is one lever to boost engagement. But we go further. With award-winning design and outstanding user-friendliness.

  • Knowledge is everywhere

    Haiilo offers lots of formats to share knowledge. You can easily build multimedia knowledge hubs, document libraries, and wikis.

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