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In education, there are lots of different people working on lots of different projects, sometimes even in lots of different locations. That’s why internal comms have to involve everyone regarding important news and updates. With Haiilo, you don’t only inform everyone on their preferred channels, you also create digital communities where people come together to coordinate projects and ideas and learn from each other.

Knowledge is the essence of the education sector. Your workforce has amassed a lot of experience and expertise, but are you using it to its full potential? Make sure that there is a dedicated digital place where knowledge can be shared to learn from each other. Also, make sure you use this knowledge to position yourself and your employees as experts in their fields on social networks like LinkedIn, Xing, or Twitter.

We know it’s hard to find top talent, especially in healthcare. Haiilo helps you push your employer brand on social media to find the perfect matches for your teams.

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With our Haiilo app, you bring all your teams together, no matter if they work in the hospital, in emergencies, or in the lab. You can create and send important updates to a specific target group within seconds. With your own branded employee app that is 100% GDPR-compliant important company news will be pushed directly into the pockets of your crew.

By connecting all of your employees, you not only create and strengthen a sense of community and belonging but also promote exchange between them. With a company-wide messenger, internal communities, and topic-specific wikis, everyone has the same information and always up-to-date guidelines.

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