How Haiilo has improved internal communication at WINTERSTEIGER?

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For 70 years now, the Austrian-based mechanical and plant engineering group WINTERSTEIGER has been supplying its international customers with innovative solutions in the areas of plant breeding and research, sports, and the wood and metal industries.

The divisions of the group include: 

  • Seed tech (harvesting technology, sowing & laboratory technology, data management)
  • Sports (Rent & Service, Bike Services, Retail, Dry & Protect)
  • Wood tech (parquet, furniture & panels, saw blades, sawmill technology, plant engineering & automation)
  • Metals (strip feeding system, part levelling machines)

The company owes its position as an innovation and technology leader to its now over 1,200 employees, who are driving the success story forward at over 30 locations worldwide including US & across Europe.


Produktionshalle von Wintersteiger

What was the challenge?

For a long time, WINTERSTEIGER has been working with an outdated intranet solution for internal communication: a static homepage that was only accessible via the company’s internal network. 

This solution did not meet the requirements of a dynamic, internationally operating company. The business needed a mobile ready solution that gave all employees unrestricted access to intranet content. Also, the new intranet needed to promote cross-departmental and cross-location exchanges, and help overcome the language barriers that sometimes occur in global businesses.

Why did WINTERSTEIGER chose Haiilo?

WINTERSTEIGER had a clear idea of what the new intranet needed to be able to do. When compared with the requirements log, the solution from Haiilo scored many hits. The platform impressed with a modern, interactive user interface for desktop and mobile devices. All users can access the intranet content regardless of their location, via PC, and either company or private cell phone.

Another big plus point was the automatic translation function. This makes it child’s play to provide content in different languages and involve all employees worldwide in internal communication.

Mitarbeiter von Wintersteiger schaut auf Handy

How the introduction of Haiilo went?

The decision to go with Haiilo was made in September 2022, and the social intranet went live in April of the following year. WINTERSTEIGER used the months in between for intensive planning and preparation of the intranet so implementation was seamless. Suitable pages were created and filled with content and documents. The editors attended training sessions to familiarize themselves with the functions of the new system and drew up an editorial plan. Last but not least, employees were extensively informed about the change coming, and familiarized with the new platform in deep dive sessions. 

Who was involved?

Right from the start, the project team had the full support of the management when it came to introducing the new intranet. The company works council was involved in the project at an early stage. Replacing the old intranet was urgently needed and was welcomed by all sides.

The central project team consisted of dedicated employees from the IT, Marketing, HR and Legal departments. This team were responsible for communication within the Group and informing the management team about the upcoming introduction. 

From day one, there was also a test team with various employees from all areas of the company. It was important to WINTERSTEIGER that the workforce used the social intranet and the mobile app completely voluntarily. They were therefore included so they could see the benefits of the new system for themselves and help advocate. 

WINTERSTEIGER also received support from Haiilo partner Kronsteg. The agency provided advice and assistance with the design of the new intranet, answered content-related and technical questions, and helped to create the site landscape and training for the editors.

Porträt Michael Ojo, Wintersteiger

It was very important to us to set up a strong and trained editorial team to lead and develop a strategic editorial plan. This is the only way we can provide targeted and effective content that authentically reflects our company and all its areas.

Michael Ojo
Project Manager WINside at WINTERSTEIGER

How was the new intranet launched? 


WINTERSTEIGER announced the launch date of the new intranet several weeks in advance internally. This enabled the Group to ensure that all employees in the subsidiaries were well informed and motivated before go-live.

To further increase anticipation and actively involve employees in the event, posters were put up throughout the company in the weeks leading up to launch. These posters not only served as a visual reminder of the upcoming launch, but also invited employees to take part in a competition: Those employees who downloaded the app and uploaded a profile picture in the first few weeks after the launch had the chance to win an iPad. 

There was also information and cross promotional banners on the old intranet to arouse employees’ interest.

Administration of user data

To manage user data, WINTERSTEIGER used the option of linking the Haiilo platform with the personnel master data from SAP via a customized API interface. This integration enabled the company to transfer all relevant employee data seamlessly and efficiently to the social intranet. 

The introduction of the user accounts took place in several stages and adapted to the different requirements of the employees. For employees in production, the accounts were created using a CSV upload. The passwords were sent to the employees by letter. For employees with their own e-mail address, users were created by means of a welcome e-mail.

Go Live!

By April 18, 2023, all employees had access to the Haiilo platform and were able to benefit from the numerous advantages and functions.

How does WINTERSTEIGER use the Haiilo platform now?

The Haiilo platform is called “WINside” at WINTERSTEIGER. The platform is supplemented by its own employee app, which is tailored to the company’s corporate identity. WINTERSTEIGER also uses the Multilanguage Add-on for automatic translation, and Microsoft 365 integration for seamless connection to the collaboration tools.

Mitarbeiter durchstöbert das Intranet von Wintersteiger auf dem PC

Localization of content

Thanks to the automatic translation function of the Multilanguage Add-on, WINTERSTEIGER can now finally provide content in all of its employees’ national languages without any complications. The content is simply translated into the desired language at the touch of a button. This makes it easy for employees around the world to find information and communicate with colleagues at other locations without any obstacles. 

It is also possible to manage the content on a site-specific basis. Each location can therefore operate its own intranet. This means that employees always receive the right information that is relevant to them.

Porträt Michael Ojo, Wintersteiger

Haiilo has helped us to overcome language barriers. With just one click, all content is automatically translated into the respective national languages of our employees.


Michael Ojo
Project Manager WINside at WINTERSTEIGER

Visibility for everyone

WINside is a digital home for all employees. Each division has its own page where content is shared and exchanged in a targeted, structured and transparent manner. With a detailed editorial plan, WINTERSTEIGER also ensures that each division receives the same level of attention and visibility. All divisions are seen and heard and are given a fixed place in day-to-day communication through strategically planned content.

Multimedia content

The new intranet allows WINTERSTEIGER to use a variety of media, which the company makes active use of. From snapshots of company celebrations and videos of tours to screenshots of instructions and explanatory videos – the multimedia content makes it possible to present information in a lively and vivid way. This also gives interactive and appealing forms of communication that actively involves employees and encourages them to participate and share.

Mitarbeiter-App von Wintersteiger

The result: Modern, interactive and connecting communication

Haiilo offers WINTERSTEIGER a modern and interactive intranet solution that improves the flow of information within the company and more importantly, actively involves employees.

Porträt Michael Ojo, Wintersteiger

The platform enables us to take our internal communication to a new level and ensure that all employees are always informed about the latest developments.

Michael Ojo
Project Manager WINside at WINTERSTEIGER
Targeted communication

Thanks to WINside, WINTERSTEIGER can now also reach its production employees much more easily. In the past, it was often a challenge to effectively involve this varied group of employees collectively, and provide them with relevant information. With the new intranet, the corporate group has a central and mobile platform via which it can also communicate with non-desk employees in a targeted and efficient manner.

Company-wide networking

WINside has also helped to bring the Group closer together internationally. Thanks to the platform, the subsidiaries and divisions are equally present, and represented, and employees gain insights into all areas of the company. They can learn from each other and shape the company together.

Diverse content

With WINside, WINTERSTEIGER has expanded the internal editorial team from just a few employees in the marketing department to over 20 editors across all departments and locations. There are regular editorial meetings, a strategic editorial plan and a private intranet page where editors can find helpful content and training videos.

As the editorial team has grown, the variety of topics and content has also grown. Thanks to the Haiilo platform, WINTERSTEIGER is able to make all company areas visible and inspire employees with varied, appealing and high-quality content.

Zwei Produktionsmitarbeitende von Wintersteiger stehen an einer Maschine und unterhalten sich

The commitment of the employees is reflected in 430 users per day. In total, the intranet has almost 950 active users, who make the WINTERSTEIGER intranet what it is today: a globally connected, and motivating platform that also brings the innovative spirit of the corporate group to life through productive internal communication.