Internal Comms

Employees are human, with a need for connection and purpose. We are all looking for a sense of belonging and feeling at home.

Haiilo makes it easy for you to respond to this need by helping you build a strong corporate culture that creates this sense of home.

Create a digital home for everyone

The working world has changed tremendously. Employees want to be connected and informed. No matter where or when they work. With Haiilo Home, you give them what they need to be the best version of themselves.

  • Create a strong sense of belonging.

  • Involve everyone with engaging content.

  • Make knowledge accessible for all teams.

  • Build a thriving & unique company culture.

3 colleagues chatting
  • Compared to our old intranet, both dialog and interaction have increased noticeably. With Haiilo Home, it is now possible to talk to each other, comment on something or initiate discussions at various points throughout the intranet – this was previously only possible selectively and is therefore very popular.

  • Above all, the Responsive Design and the possibility to collaborate in digital workspaces convinced us.

  • The simplicity of the Haiilo Home app was convincing. It enables fast and uncomplicated communication. This is a great added value that allows us to reach significantly more employees because the app is sorted and simple.

  • Our goal for our volunteers: Equip, Empower, Engage. These keywords are part of our program, which is why Haiilo Home fits so well for us. Here, these words come alive online.

  • With the mobile app, we also reach our blue-collar workers, covering the complete communication spectrum.

Shine with the highest adoption rates

Your Haiilo Home will be exceptionally easy to use. This doesn’t only make it easier for you as an admin or publisher, but also fun to use for everyone else. Prepare for some adoption rates no one has ever seen before inside your company.

brainstorming at the office

Finally, break information silos

Someone has always got the answer. With open communities and public discussions, you make news and knowledge accessible for everyone in your organization. You’ll be surprised about the synergies that’ll come to light.

very modern looking guy listening to music on his laptop

Stop the overload madness

Studies say that the average person sees up to 10,000 ad impressions every single day. This madness shouldn’t be transferred to the internal comms. Let your employees decide what information they need. They know best.

a girl smiling at the office

Make your intranet fun for everyone

We all know that gamification is one lever to boost engagement and adoption. But we go further. With exceptional design and user-friendliness, every employee can actively share their stories with others. Internally, and externally.

guy looking through the window, smiling

Know your numbers

Numbers are always important, but rarely easy to get. That’s why you get analytic tools for all your Haiilo products. Which content type works best? What employees are engaged the most? With our analytic tools, you have all those numbers at a glance.

two female coworkers in a very good mood

Knowledge is everywhere

There is no one dedicated place in Haiilo Home, where you store knowledge. The whole platform offers lots of different formats to share experiences and stories. Besides that, you can also build a multimedia knowledge hub, document libraries, and wikis. Easily. Promise.

a guy explaining something to his female coworker

Don’t reach – involve

Every employee in your organization is an active part of Haiilo, no matter which tool or device they use. Keep them informed, engaged, and connected with each other. Because every single one of them matters. For your success, and the success of your organization.

guy looking at his phone, smiling

Do it yourself

Internal comms often have to be fast and dynamic. With Haiilo, you don’t have to wait for your internal IT to implement specific content into your blogs and newsletters. With very few clicks, you send out videos, images, audio and more to your whole workforce.

a girl sitting at the coffe table, smiling