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Without any company emails or phone numbers needed, you reach and align your whole crew with just a click. Targeted content for specific teams, factories, or shifts will be sent out within seconds.

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By connecting all of your employees, you not only create and strengthen a sense of community and belonging but also promote exchange between them to learn from each other. With a company-wide messenger, internal communities, and topic-specific wikis, everyone has the same information and always up-to-date guidelines.

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With our Haiilo app, you bring all your teams together. You can create and push important updates right into their pockets within seconds. You get your own employee app in your own design that is 100% GDPR-compliant. Important company news will be pushed directly into the pockets of your crew. No emails or phone numbers required.

Haillo comms platform

We know it’s hard to find top talent. Haiilo helps you push your employer brand on social media to find the perfect matches for your teams. Through employee advocacy, you can share your stories through the social networks of your own employees. For more than 500% more reach, more trust, and employees that become thought leaders.

Focus is key! That’s why Haiilo offers a single source of truth for all employees and a place where internal experts share their knowledge. No matter where or when they work.

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Haiilo allows you to easily set up surveys to get actionable insights about your team. Asking the right questions at the right time gives you a response rate of up to 81% and real-time results. Personalized, modern, and fast – no download required. Custom notifications will help you act on specific issues before they turn into turnover, absenteeism or disengagement.

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Did you know that messages from employees reach 561% further on social media than messages from companies? This also means reaching 561% more potential customers or employees. Make it easy for your employees to share your stories and to position you as industry experts. Let them become your biggest brand advocates thanks to our employee advocacy platform.

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