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Haiilo is an easy-to-use modern intranet for greater involvement and engagement where everyone in your company comes together.

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What you can achieve with Haiilo’s modern intranet

  • 97%

    weekly unique user rate

  • 5x

    more highly engaged users

  • 58%

    less search effort

Bring all your employees together in one trusted digital home

A digital home in distancing times

Bring all your employees together and create a place where your workforce connects.

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    Colleagues list & user profiles

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    Direct & group channels

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    Communities for boundless exchange

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    Access through all devices

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Knowledge is power

To empower all of your employees, we make sure that everyone finds what they need in the blink of an eye.

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    Global search for fast results

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    Wikis that are more than texts

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    Departmental knowledge hubs

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    Documents & content management

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More than 1,000 companies connect their people through Haiilo

Create content that excites

Share official and individual content with specific target groups, single locations or the whole crowd.

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    Create engaging content in minutes

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    Easily embed multimedia content

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    Share compelling video and audio stories

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    Make your blog articles interactive

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Connect the entire workforce

With our Haiilo employee app, you get important news directly to your pocket. 100% GDPR compliant. 100% easy to use.

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    Branded mobile app for all devices

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    Increased awareness through push notifications

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    Awarded user experience design

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    Easy rollout to managed & own devices

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Integrate your digital workplace apps

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Staffomatic, Trello, Twitter – Haiilo offers out-of-the-box integrations with your most important applications.

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    Create a single pane of glass experience for your users

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    Integrate your Microsoft collaboration world

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    Use ready-to-go integrations for 3rd party apps

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    Use our API to create your custom integrations

social intranet integrations to google, trello, sharepoint and others

Connect your people through
meaningful communication

What our happy customers say about Haiilo

  • One of Vodafone Spain’s biggest competitors in the industry asked me just last week about what we’re doing on LinkedIn and how we’re doing it because she sees so many Vodafone-related stories. It’s the best feedback and input we can get because even our competition is taking notice.

  • The Haiilo platform has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Haiilo, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.

  • If we can enable our people to tell the stories they want to tell, our brand becomes our people’s brand. That makes the brand much stronger than it would be on its own.