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  • Core

    Reach all your employees with targeted communications on all digital channels.

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    Key features include:
    • Branded mobile app
    • Branded web platform
    • Content creator and calendar
    • Audience targeting
    • Rich platform analytics
    • Artificial virtual assistant
  • Recommended


    Reach and engage your employees with a highly configurable and intuitive intranet platform.

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    Key features include:
    • Content management
    • Pages & communities
    • Knowledge wikis
    • Enterprise search
    • Events & colleagues
    • Everything in Core
  • Enterprise

    Reach, engage and understand everyone with an employee experience platform.

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    Key features include:
    • Smart pulse surveys
    • Engagement questions library
    • Real-time risk notifications
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Automated engagement reports
    • Everything in Business


  • Employee <br> Advocacy

    Increase reach and conversion of your messages by turning your employees into real brand ambassadors.

  • Advanced <br>Analytics

    Understand your audience with surveys and get insights through reach and interaction tracking on all content.

  • Microsoft 365 <br>integration
    Microsoft 365

    Our integration builds the perfect bridge between your collaboration suite and your employee communications.

  • Google Workspace integration
    Google Workspace integration

    Our integration connects the best of your Google collaboration suite with our communications platform.

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