With Haiilo, you don’t only cover your internal comms and employee engagement. You also boost the reach of your company’s stories by over 500% farther compared to than messages from your company profile. Find out how.

500 % more reach with just one tool.

Haiilo Share makes it easy for your employees to share your messaging and become your biggest brand advocates. Coupled with our advanced communications structure, this is employee advocacy done right.

  • Make your employees real brand ambassadors

  • Boost your social media content through your staff

  • Gamify the experience for even more participation

  • Help your teams become real thought leaders

  • If we can enable our people to tell the stories they want to tell, our brand becomes our people’s brand. That makes the brand much stronger than it would be on its own.

  • Haiilo Share has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Haiilo Share, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.

  • It allows my peers to share interesting content that I can use to post, it levels all the posting that employees do on their social networks, therefore, it allows the company to get the message across more easily.

  • Easy to use and very beneficial tool to involve your employees to spread the voice of your company and gain better reach in your target groups. One-click smart integrations with most common social media platforms.

  • This tool allows me to automatically deliver personalized content to every employee, while empowering them to amplify select messages externally.

Enable employees to become brand ambassadors

With Haiilo Share, you give everyone inside your company the chance to easily share company stories. Messages shared by your employees will reach up to 500% further than they do now. Yep, 500%.

Share social media posts on the go

You can schedule your social media posts and target them to specific groups as well as post them on the go with our mobile Haiilo Share app. More reach in less time, how does that sound?

Organic reach never seen before

Employee-shared posts reach 561% further than posts by corporate social media profiles – without any paid ads! Hard to believe? Give it a try! We won’t disappoint you.

Prove ROI? A piece of cake!

Thanks to our easy-to-use analytics it’s a task of minutes to prove Haiilo to be an absolute champ regarding ROI. You can even share insights and results through key stakeholders within your organization on a regular basis.

Encourage your people to create the content

Employee advocacy is everyone’s business. Give employees the ability to create and consume employee-driven content to help strengthen your advocacy program.

Gamify the experience

Let employees see how well they stack up with their peers in driving traffic and engagement to the messages they share. Additionally, our industry-leading influencer index helps employees improve their thought leadership position in their networks.

Manage an enterprise advocacy program with ease

Thanks to our user permission levels, Haiilo Share makes managing an employee advocacy program a piece of cake – even at the enterprise scale. Empower managers and trusted employees to help manage your program and boost engagement.

Share to any platform

With Haiilo Share, you can reach your audience on any channel: from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Twitter all the way to WeChat and Xing.

Unify messaging tone of voice

Make sure people are telling the right stories at the right times. You can control the tone of voice and at the same time offer tailored messages for different audiences. Of course, multilanguage is also supported.

Share campaigns internally before launch

To keep everyone in the loop, you can share upcoming marketing activities internally and provide your colleagues with background information and guidelines about the campaigns.

Create guidance & alignment

Make sure people always know where to find the newest templates and presentations by offering a single-source-of-truth for documents, FAQs and more. That’s way easier for you – and everyone else in your organization.

Monitor real-time engagement analytics

Get insights about most engaging campaigns, shares, reactions, reach, most engaged ambassadors and much more. Slice and dice data by team, department, location, language and more to identify areas of improvement.