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One of Vodafone Spain’s biggest competitors in the industry asked me just last week about what we’re doing on LinkedIn and how we’re doing it because she sees so many Vodafone-related stories. It’s the best feedback and input we can get because even our competition is taking notice.

Roberto Tamayo
Local&Global Social Media Lead, Vodafone

Organic reach
never seen before

Employee-shared posts reach 561% further than posts by corporate social media profiles – without any paid ads! Hard to believe? Give it a try! We won’t disappoint you.

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Prove ROI?
A piece of cake!

Thanks to our easy-to-use analytics it’s a task of minutes to prove Haiilo to be an absolute champ regarding ROI. You can even share insights and results through key stakeholders within your organization on a regular basis.

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Gamify the experience

Let employees see how well they stack up with their peers in driving traffic and engagement to the messages they share. Additionally, our industry-leading influencer index helps employees improve their thought leadership position in their networks.

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Your employees as your
best brand ambassadors

With Haiilo’s employee advocacy platform, it is easy as never before to make every single employee a passionate brand ambassador. If it’s industry news, company updates or job listings – use the large reach of your staff’s social networks.

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Haiilo matches your marketing strategy

  • Higher conversion rates

    Leads through employee shared messages are 7x more likely to convert.

  • Brand building

    People trust people. 92% of people trust recommendations from their peers over any other form of advertising.

  • Social selling

    Outsell your competitors by making your sales people thought- leaders in their field.

  • Event marketing

    Leverage your employee’s network and generate increased visibility for your events.

  • Increased content creation

    All your employees can contribute to the content creation. Not only improves engagement but thought leadership as well.

  • Internal campaign alignment

    Share upcoming marketing activities internally and provide guidelines about the campaigns.

  • Unified tone of voice

    Control the tone of voice and offer tailored messages for different audiences.

  • No more outdated templates

    All the newest templates and presentations available via dedicated communication channels. Available from their most preferred device.

  • Spread your company goals & values

    Make sure the whole workforce acts in concert and knows which direction to go. This increases motivation and ensures better decision-making.

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