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DB Schenker LKW

The story

DB Schenker AG, a global logistics company headquartered in Essen, Germany, migrated its intranet to Haiilo in March 2018. The Corporate Communications department was engaged to get all departments on board and to communicate the new benefits of Haiilo internally.

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The requirements

As a tool for DB Schenker AG, Haiilo …

  • … promotes the social component in the company strongly.
  • … guarantees a fast global exchange.
  • … provides the latest corporate news immediately.
  • … … is more closely integrated into the DB Group.

Easy implementation with strong partners

Together with an IT partner, the migration went smoothly and successfully. After it was finished, coaching, training and regular support were outsourced to the local marketing agency Rasch & Partner.

Since then, approximately 40,000 employees worldwide have been using the Haiilo platform. The new name ONE emphasizes the social connection via the intranet and allows employees to participate in the daily happenings of the company in real time. The number of likes and posts has been increasing daily since the beginning.

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The mother-daughter principle

Deutsche Bahn AG had already migrated to Haiilo in 2017 with around 160,000 users. This success encouraged the subsidiary DB Schenker AG to migrate to the platform as well. 30 different country intranets are now bundled in ONE and the exchange immediately took off. Today, a total of more than 200,000 employees in the Deutsche Bahn Group use the Haiilo platform.

To enable internal socializing is an important aspect for DB Schenker, because the frequent communication is a strong driver for the implementation of new ideas, changes and innovations. The management sets a good example and maintains podcasts and postings to stem the email flood and to be closer to the employees. In addition, Haiilo sets a high usability as the most advanced and dynamic platform compared to other systems.