Events & Webinars

  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #7: Trust as a Critical Building Block for Culture and Belonging

    17th May 2023 11:00AM EST
    Join Advita Patel and Priya Bates, authors of Building a Culture of Inclusivity: Effective Internal Communication for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as they talk trust. The Edelman Trust Barometer identified Navigating a Polarized World as the key theme for their 2023 report. As institutional leaders become less trusted, there is an opportunity for Internal Communication to help organizations turn on the power of their people and translate it into strong results and cultures that thrive.
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #6: The Intranet Evolution: How intranets have shifted to become the most strategic IC tool in your digital workplace

    27th April 2023 11:00AM EST
    While intranets have been around for decades, they have undergone significant changes since their inception. In today’s world, where organizations must remain agile and competitive, intranets provide a valuable tool for facilitating internal communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Join us as Kevin Hähnlein from Haiilo and Suzie Robinson from Clearbox walk you through why intranets are more important than ever before.
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #5: Modernize your Communication Strategy to Enhance Employee Experience

    11th May 2023 11:00AM EST
    As many organizations have shifted to remote or hybrid models, a good digital employee experience (DEX) is a critical component of the overall EX, which ultimately impacts employee retention. Your communication strategy must embrace a flexible philosophy and digital experience for happier employees. Join us as Roope Heinilä from Haiilo and David Brodeur-Johnson from Forrester walk you through proven ways to modernize your communication strategy and enhance your organizations' employee experience.
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #4: How to Turn Employees into Social Brand Ambassadors

    15th February 2023 12:00PM EST
    Your brand’s biggest cheerleaders could be among your work force. Did you know that a social post from an employee generates eight times the engagement than posts from their employer? 83% of people trust recommendations made by someone they know, so you should harness the power of your greatest asset to generate clicks with the creation of a powerful employee advocacy program. Join us as Tara Herschend from Haiilo and Mikaely Quaranta from Salesforce walk you through how they turned 25,000 Salesforce employees into powerful brand advocates in less than two years.
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #3: Omnichannel communications: Strategy, content and audience still matter

    3rd November 2022 1:30PM CET
    The ‘omnichannel’ approach is taking the employee communications industry by storm. And for good reason: It works. In this session of the Great Comms Connection, we're joined by top-rated speakers and sought after workshop presenters, Steve and Cindy Crescenzo, who will take you on a journey the omnichannel approach, showcasing how to create compelling content your employees will actually engage with!
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #2: What’s Next? 2023 Internal Communications Report Findings

    3rd October 2022 2:00PM CET
    To scan the horizon and explore what’s ahead for comms professionals, Haiilo turned to comms thought leaders from every industry in all parts of the world, polling pros with the ability to see around corners and know how to use those insights to shape the future. Watch as we present the diversity of ideas and perspectives learned from the findings, and the trends that industry leaders say are most likely to continue to impact the IC function through 2023.
  • The Great Comms Connection, Session #1: Engage your Employees–In the Metaverse!

    7th September 2022 12:00PM CET
    In this mind-bending session with IC technology thought leader, Shel Holtz, we explored several approaches companies can take to engage employees using Virtual Reality venues like Meta Workrooms and two-dimensional virtual worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox. Even Augmented Reality is on the table! Watch now and learn how real companies are using these tools today!