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We help companies build their unique culture through the stories of their employees and empower their workforce to be the best version of themselves – any where at any time.

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We grow global together with
integrity and a solver mindset.

Our values are more than just empty words to us. They
are the principles that we live by
every day. Inside and outside of the office.


We have bold ambitions that require all hands on deck. We are not afraid of challenging the status quo to grow our business and ourselves.


We are a global company that thinks and acts international first. We believe in the power of diversity and always show tolerance and respect for other cultures and beliefs.


We win together and we lose together. Our collaboration is based on support, empathy and trust in each other’s skills and good intentions.


We believe integrity is the foundation for long-lasting relationships and good reputation. That’s why we always act fairly towards colleagues, customers and partners.


Always maintaining a positive and solution-oriented mindset is our secret ingredient to overcoming even the greatest challenges. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

A tool built by
people for people.

We are head over heels for our product and are our own worst critic. It’s not a secret, that we want to offer both: the best tools and the best employer for our Haiilos.

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Work hard,
Play hard. 

Over time, we have learned that successes should also be celebrated. Prioritizing professional growth and personal enjoyment is what defines us. #oneculture

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Driving impact
with team spirit.

Our trust in each other is so strong that we are able to work together efficiently and in a goal-oriented way. We make the impossible possible and aim for the big success.

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Started from the bottom,
now we’re here!

Haiilo was founded in 2022 after three European
companies COYO (Germany), Smarp (Finland) and
Jubiwee (France) joined forces.

haiilo founders

2010 COYO

COYO was founded in 2010 in Hamburg - but at that time the company was called mindsmash. Jan Marquardt, Daniel Busch and Stefan Schnock were the managing directors of the innovative social intranet company. The 360° Employee Communications Platform served to strengthen the team spirit, motivation and culture in organizations. With the combination of a social intranet and a social employee app, organizations could reach all employees and actively boost collaboration.

2011 Smarp

In 2011, Roope Heinilä and Mikael Lauharanta founded Smarp, the leading employee communications and advocacy platform, in Helsinki. Smarp was designed to provide organizations with tools to engage in professional social media. Their focus areas were: Curate and publish content in one place, deliver personalized information to every employee, drive employee advocacy and measure actionable insights.

2016 Jubiwee

Jubiwee was founded at the end of 2016 in Paris, by three complementary cofounders: Thibaud Martin, Victor Mustar and Antoine Bellion. They believed that a satisfying employee experience improves a companie's performance and attractiveness. Jubiwee was the first People Analytics solution with a completely user centric approach, making it quick and simple for employers to use. Main focus areas were: Smart surveys, automated analysis, recognition and PSR.

2022 Haiilo

Since COYO, Smarp and Jubiwee became Haiilo, it's been all about Employee Engagement. We have united our products and deliver the single most intuitive and advanced platform for driving, understanding and leveraging Employee Engagement. Our mission is to empower companies to drive engagement, create alignment and build culture - with a 250 strong international team, with a unique culture!

Haiilo’s management

Roope Heiniläimage
Roope Heinilä
Chief Executive Officer
Gary Bennionimage
Gary Bennion
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Johanna Rauhalaimage
Johanna Rauhala
Chief Of Staff
Visa-Pekka Laurilaimage
Visa-Pekka Laurila
Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Sarah Stott-Taylorimage
Sarah Stott-Taylor
Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Harrisimage
Mike Harris
Chief Revenue Officer

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