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More than 3 million employees worldwide rely on the Haiillo platform every day to communicate securely within their organisation.


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Haiilo is ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security management. We are certified with ISO 27001 and we follow industry security best practices, standards, and regulatory requirements.

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Haiilo is EU-GDPR compliant

Our customers’ right to privacy and the security of personal data is our top priority. Therefore, under the leadership of our Data Protection Officer (DPO), we have put together a team that guarantees compliance with all regulations.

The scope of the GDPR is very comprehensive with regard to the protection of personal data. For you, this means that you, as the data controller within the meaning of the GDPR, decide on the purpose and means of this data. Haiilo is commissioned by you as a so-called commissioned data processor to process the data exclusively in the sense of the DSGVO.

In order to minimize our customers’ risk around the GDPR, we at Haiilo have taken comprehensive measures in technical as well as structural terms. In addition, we have developed a “contract for the processing of personal data on behalf of a controller” (ADV contract), which we conclude with our customers, to create legal certainty for both sides.


Haiilo Ensures Resilient Infrastructure Security

Recognizing the significance of hosting locations for our customers and their adherence to compliance standards, Haiilo offers a choice between EU and US hosting options for our services in the cloud.

  • EU Hosting Option
  • US Hosting Option

Our security white paper to learn more 

For further insights, feel free to request our product security white paper, which provides comprehensive information.

Haiilo Offers Enterprise Security Excellence

Haiilo takes every measure to ensure your intranet is equipped with bulletproof security. Therefore, we strictly follow internationally recognized best practices.

  • Multiple redundant backups
  • 99.5% uptime
  • CIS Controls
  • Pentests
  • Privileged Identity Management (PIN) powered by OKTA identity
  • Data Encryption 

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