Become Haiilo

Creative, driven and sometimes a little crazy - that’s Haiilo. We make the impossible possible, aim for big success and grow global together. The only missing piece to our jigsaw puzzle: YOU.

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Our culture, our mindset

We #grow #global #together with #integrity and a #solver mindset.

  • 1. #grow: we are not afraid of challenging the status quo to grow our business and ourselves

  • 2. #global: we believe in the power of diversity and always show tolerance and respect for other cultures and beliefs

  • 3. #together: our collaboration is based on support, empathy and trust in each other’s skills and good intentions

  • 4. #integrity: we always act fairly towards colleagues, customers and partners. Be straight and honest.

  • 5. #solver: always maintaining a positive and solution-oriented mindset is our secret ingredient to overcoming even the greatest challenges.

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  • Product & Tech - Building and delivering amazing products
  • Sales - Chasing ARR
  • Customer Success - Happy customers!
  • Marketing - Be as loud as f***ing possible
  • Workplace Operations - Internal IT at its best
  • People & Culture - Growing the team
  • Partnerships - Building a partner network
  • Account Management - All about relationships
  • Legal - Laying the ground rules
  • Finance - In charge of financial processes

The recruiting process

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  • 01

    Step 1

    30 mins
    Get the first glimpse of the job during a video call and chat about the position
  • 02

    Step 2

    60 - 120 mins
    Show off your skills in a practical task and get an understanding of what your job would be like
  • 03

    Step 3

    60 - 90 mins
    Get to know us during the face to face interview
  • 04

    Step 4

    30 mins
    Meet the team during the Sofatalk and feel the Haiilo vibe
  • 05

    Step 5

    30 mins
    Drink a coffee with our C-level and talk about our mission, vision, goals or something entirely different


  • What are COYO, Jubiwee and Smarp?
  • Can I apply to multiple positions at the same time?
  • What is the working model like?
  • Are there opportunities to work from abroad?
  • Do you support relocation?
  • How can I prepare for my interview?
  • Do you have an inclusive hiring process?
  • I can’t find an open role that’s right for me. What should I do?
  • What happens after the contract signing?
  • Which language do you communicate in?

What we love about Haiilo

We could add another random Employer Branding text here, but we’d rather leave it to the team to tell you:

  • Health and wellbeing are very important to me. I like that at Haiilo, mental wellbeing is openly discussed and supported through incentives like self-care-days, free Headspace subscription, and access.

  • As we come out of the most anti social era of our lives, having such a great team around you has never been more important. It’s so easy to feel like your voice is being muted on zoom or your raised hand is not being acknowledged. But this team makes it so easy to feel valued.

  • Together with some colleagues and our People & Culture team, I initiated a diversity squad to make sure that everyone really feels at home at Haiilo. It’s great to see how colleagues and C-level are willing to invest more and more in this topic.

  • At the end of the day, it comes down to great colleagues and an immersive culture that puts people first. And that’s exactly what we’re trying do here.

  • Evolving within a company where I feel connected to its culture and its people drives my commitment everyday. It enables me to grow both on a professional and personal level.