How Haiilo helped L’Oréal with actionable workforce insights

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European L’Oréal markets improving workforce satisfaction with Haiilo Insights

As the world’s No. 1 beauty and cosmetics company in the world, L’Oréal is also one of the most attractive brands for both new and experienced talent in a range of specialties and fields.

While marketing plays a significant role in the business’s success, L’Oréal also prides itself on being a beauty company and a pioneer in the world of beauty tech. That’s why today there are nearly as many L’Oréal employees working in innovation and research roles as there are in marketing roles.

For L’Oréal, retaining that talent and fostering an authentic workplace where employees want to nurture and grow their careers means keeping them engaged with outlets to share their professional ambitions is imperative. 

For some of the brand’s local markets like the L’Oréal France organization and the L’Oréal Spain and Portugal organization, Haiilo Insights is enabling them to gain a complete view of their employees through the benefits of intelligent – and completely anonymous – surveys

The France team is now in its fourth year partnering with Haiilo and implementing the Haiilo Insights solution, while Spain is now entering its second year. Each of these two key L’Oréal markets has its own unique needs for using the Haiilo Insights solution, with the platform offering the capabilities and flexibility to meet their needs. 

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With the real-time results of Haiilo Insights, we’re always enthusiastic about being able to share the feedback with our interns and apprentices following each survey. We openly communicate what they as a group have told us, and as a result, what actions we’re going to take.

Alexandra Bennett
Digital & Communications Manager for Employer Branding at L’Oréal France

Pursuing insights from 1,000+ interns and apprentices

Staff turnover comes with any internship and apprenticeship community – especially one that includes more than 1,000 people each year. L’Oréal France realized they weren’t getting the valuable information in a timely manner that would enable them to modify specific working methods.

We needed a solution for our intern and apprenticeship program that would create more touch points at a higher frequency, allowing us to spot problems early, learn best practices sooner, understand what they want or need and then be able to act on that,” says Alexandra Bennett, Digital & Communications Manager for Employer Branding at L’Oréal France. “Not just for the next cycle of interns and apprentices, but in the moment. This was the key driver for us.”

One of the main benefits of Haiilo Insights is around interns specifically. In fact, interns around the world using the platform are 23% more satisfied and more likely to apply for a job within their organization. 

For L’Oréal France, the survey frequency averages no more than once a month, which offers them an accurate pulse on the overall feeling of their interns and apprentices. Knowing that pulse allows them to pivot and adjust on the fly — for instance, learning what aspects increase morale and motivation for the current target group and future interns and apprentices

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Employee engagement insights, a key element of the internship cycle

While the target group of the surveys for L’Oréal France is solely interns and apprentices, Haiilo Insights is also being fully embraced into the employer branding and human resources teams, enabling them to dissect and segment the data they receive. Additionally, they have gotten full buy-in from a range of management staff and groups, many of whom oversee this ambitious and vital part of their workforce.

In more than three years since introducing Haiilo Insights, Alexandra and the L’Oréal France team believe the platform offers them opportunities to have closer relationships with their interns and apprentices. It’s also allowing the L’Oréal business to be more transparent and develop various areas.

“We now have the ability to spot gaps in what we’re offering or spot consistent concerns over time,” says Alexandra. “So, while we might have something working well one season, maybe it’s not the next season. The Haiilo Insights surveys and data allow us to jump on that quickly and learn from them.”

In addition to morale and well-being, L’Oréal France is always interested to learn if their interns and apprentices are keen to stay with the group. Always a key metric for them, Haiilo Insights with its anonymized survey results is providing Alexandra and the team the ability to see this in real time.

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We are very pleased with the relationship we’ve managed to build with the Haiilo team and the support we’ve gotten from them. They’ve been extremely responsive and helpful, ensuring we’re getting the best use out of the Haiilo Insights platform, all while helping to make the user experience and partner experience a very good one.

Farah Ziane
Digital Communication, Employer Branding at L’Oréal France

Getting a holistic rhythm from a workforce of thousands

Like the team in France, L’Oréal Spain and Portugal is also delivering intelligent surveys through the Haiilo platform about once a month. However, the target audience is much broader and reaches all of its 2500 employees across both countries. 

While the target audience and reach may differ, the target result is still similar. Both markets are using Haiilo Insights to collect a holistic picture of their workforce’s satisfaction and a sense of morale through the automated analytics of the platform.

Amid an organizational transformation and change management across both countries, the Spain and Portugal team saw it as an opportune time to leverage the power and impact Haiilo Insights provides. 

As with any transformation plan that typically will involve many moving parts and disruptions — including external factors — it was important for the organization to get a real-time pulse from employees, thanks to the Haiilo Insights solution and automated analytics.

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Employee survey results from Haiilo offer easy-to-see evolution of improvement

Eduardo Porfiiro, Learning & Transformation at L’Oréal Spain and Portugal acknowledges the importance of recognizing the various human impacts such a transition can have and the ability to use the surveys to leverage them into quick wins.

“With the Haiilo Insights survey solution and easy-to-use platform, we’re able to get valuable guidance and clues into our employees’ thoughts around sharing their opinions and feedback,” says Eduardo. “This anonymous input is helping to guide us and provide focus on things that we might not have otherwise without Haiilo Insights.”

Managing and aligning each survey with their human resources group, Eduardo and the team include about half of the same questions from month to month. This has allowed them to see the evolution of changes, including how and where there has been improvement, according to the survey results of their workforce.

Considering the number of employees each survey reaches, Haiilo Insights also offers the ability to enable custom notifications and filter the anonymized survey results by department, specialization, location and more — something the L’Oréal Spain and Portugal team is benefitting from. This filtering quickly identifies possible concerns and follows trends in just a couple of clicks from the Insights dashboard.

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Haiilo Insights is bringing us closer than we’ve ever been to employees because we’re now able to get their thoughts, and as a result of that feedback we can turn that into actionable solutions.

Eduardo Porfírio
Learning & Transformation at L’Oréal Spain and Portugal

“All of our employees’ feedback results are vital to us, and we wanted to learn their motivations to confirm our hypotheses before sending the surveys,” says Eduardo. ”Today, the surveys we launch are entirely around our transformation — to learn about the integration between the two countries, ways of working, how we can be more agile, and how we can simplify some processes.”

Looking ahead, Haiilo’s customer success experts will be working closely with Eduardo and the team in the coming months as they explore new ways to make some subtle tweaks and adjustments. Part of the L’Oréal Spain and Portugal strategy moving forward will be to increase their response rate to the monthly surveys, helping to improve the impact of Haiilo Insights’ data even more.

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Actionable insights from employees, just a tip of the benefits iceberg

While both the Haiilo France and Haiilo Spain and Portugal teams are in their early stages of uniting Haiilo Insights into their organizations, both are seeing near-immediate impacts and an increase in morale thanks to the actionable insights and easy-to-understand and real-time results of the personalized surveys.

Offering up to an 81% response rate and real-time results to our smart surveys, Haiilo Insights is trusted by the world’s most well-known enterprises across the globe and has been proven to increase employees’ satisfaction by 30% within just the first year.