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Avoid disengagement via top-down communication. Haiilo makes it easy to keep an open dialogue between the employees and their line managers. Team and individual successes can be celebrated via public shoutouts and kudos, keeping the whole workforce engaged – no matter the location.

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Reach your employees with targeted and relevant content. Send critical information instantly via push notifications to each device. Create common interest groups to engage with like-minded colleagues and share news shared to specific locations or teams.

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Whether you’re looking for your next shift schedule, safety guidelines, the company directory or updated price lists – all the latest information is easily accessible and available on every device.

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Did you know that messages from employees reach 561% further on social media than messages from companies? This also means reaching 561% more potential customers or employees. Make it easy for your people to share your stories and to position themselves as industry experts. Let them become your biggest brand advocates thanks to our employee advocacy platform.

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Haiilo allows you to easily set up surveys to get actionable insights about your team. Asking the right questions at the right time gives you a response rate up to 81% and real-time results. Personalized, modern, and fast – no download required. Custom notifications will help you act on specific issues before they turn into turnover, absenteeism or disengagement.

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