About BDO in Australia

As part of the BDO global organisation, BDO in Australia is one of the leading accountancy and advisory firms in Australia, with offices in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. The firm specialises in audit and assurance, tax, advisory, and business services

BDO in Australia’s clients include start-ups and family businesses, private companies, government organisations and large companies operating in a wide range of industries including automotive, healthcare, retail, food and agribusiness, technology, media, entertainment and telecommunications. The organisation has been announced as the fastest-growing mid-tier firm in Australia in the Top 100 Accounting Firms Report released by the Australian Financial Review.

Objectives and expectations

Even though BDO in Australia invests in creating great content, not all of its people actively shared this content or industry-related content with their personal networks before using Haiilo. BDO in Australia wanted to encourage partners and staff to use social media more actively and proactively, especially LinkedIn. The goal was to help them grow their personal brand and strengthen client relationships, all while increasing the organisation’s reach and recognition.

BDO in Australia noticed that one of the reasons why its people were reluctant to share professional content with their networks was because it was difficult for them to find the right content. The organisation wanted to make it easy for its people to find content related to their expertise, BDO news and key industry trends so they could share them more often with their professional networks.

The organisation decided to use Haiilo to make sure that BDO-related content and industry news were spread internally and externally in a more effective way. In parallel, the firm wanted to help its people generate engagement with their social media posts and their online networks. With Haiilo, the firm’s partners and staff are invited to discover content based on their expertise and for which their personal networks are interested.

Haiilo in action

BDO in Australia hosted a webinar for the official launch of Haiilo. The firm operates in several cities and setting up a webinar was a great way to gather all the Haiilo users and make sure they got the same information before they started using the platform. The webinar included a demo session so everyone could get a comprehensive overview of Haiilo. They were encouraged to ask questions in real time, interact with their colleagues, and share personal branding best practices during the webinar.

To keep users engaged, Haiilo admins in each local office receive an update on Haiilo usage each month from the national team. These notifications include a summary of the top performing content and users, as well as tips to help users grow their personal brand on social media. The monthly notifications were designed to be informative and educational to help BDO users to get the most out of Haiilo.

Results achieved with Haiilo

Haiilo has been quickly adopted by BDO’s users in Australia and they have achieved great results: within nine months, its people have generated 13.94K unique clicks, 13.70K reactions and have reached 3.67M people on social media by sharing BDO and industry-related content through Haiilo.

Not only have BDO’s Haiilo users increased the organisation’s social reach, but they have also generated positive engagement through their shares. For example, their posts have generated 4.61 clicks per share and 4.54 reactions per share on LinkedIn.

In parallel to those results, the use of Haiilo has helped BDO in Australia improving its internal communications strategy by making it easier for its people to catch up on BDO news. They are more aware of what is happening at BDO offices around the country, as well as thought leadership content distributed by BDO globally. Haiilo made it easy for BDO in Australia to improve employees’ understanding of services offered across the organisation: partners and staff from different service lines are now connecting and sharing updates from their colleagues. They suggest new content, create their own posts, and share them within the organisation, and react to their colleagues’ posts.

From a social selling perspective, Haiilo has helped BDO’s partners and staff build and grow their personal brand on social media. They have developed their thought leadership, became more visible on social media, and built trust on social media. By sharing informative and engaging content with their clients and contacts, they are creating additional opportunities for business development and the referral of additional services that meet their clients’ needs.

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Haiilo has been a valued addition to BDO in Australia’s communication channels. We can now connect our team members across the country with BDO and industry content that is matched to their areas of professional expertise. This empowers our people to easily and regularly share business information and insights that can assist our clients and contacts.

Rebecca Biddulph
National Digital Marketing Senior Executive