Through GenAI, Haiilo’s Artificial Virtual Assistant (AVA) will enrich employee communications enabling communicators and employees to save time and create value every day.


As stated by Forrester, we believe that AI serves as a revolutionary catalyst for business growth, which is why we are excited to announce the next evolution of AVA, your AI-powered assistant designed to streamline the entire value chain of planning, creating, distributing, and consuming internal communications. 

When AVA was initially released in March 2023, it was a groundbreaking step forward in helping internal communicators to excel at content creation with Haiilo. As pioneers in the industry, Haiilo was the first to introduce the AI-powered technology to production, empowering communicators to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Building on this success, Haiilo now announces more game-changing releases by leveraging Generative AI in employee communications. With AVA in search, our AI capabilities can now be used to enhance information retrieval, so users can get curated and accurate answers to their questions based on their dedicated platform data. Additionally, AVA in survey creation elevates the process of gathering valuable feedback, enabling communicators to design effective survey questions with help of Generative AI. 

a quote by roope heinila, ceo, haiilo

As we pave the way for the future of AI, we also stay mindful of the end-users’ challenges. To deal with the issue of information overload, Haiilo will keep on developing technology that curates personalized, relevant content to help users stay informed without feeling overwhelmed. AVA will also serve as a source of inspiration, providing users with content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Additionally, we are acutely aware of the concerns surrounding digital manipulation, legal compliance, and data privacy. Our commitment to data security remains unwavering, and we will implement robust measures to ensure that our AI technology operates ethically and responsibly. 

Haiilo is dedicated to continuously develop cutting-edge technology through Generative AI, while keeping a watchful eye on potential risks and concerns. By focusing on the needs of internal communicators and end-users alike, we aim to revolutionize communication processes, foster creativity, and enhance user experiences in a safe and secure manner.

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