Stop frustration through information gaps and loss of motivation! Non-desk workers in particular often lack quick and effective ways to access company information. Missing email addresses and company mobile phones make it difficult for corporate communications to reach employees such as production workers, healthcare workers, sales staff or warehouse workers. Enter digital signage! We invite you to take your internal communications one step further and integrate your entire workforce with a digital signage solution. This technology allows you to reach your non-desk workers easily, quickly and effectively. This article will give you all the information you need.


What exactly is digital signage?

Digital signage offers an innovative and effective solution that can be placed at various locations in the company and controlled remotely – be it in production halls, break rooms, changing rooms or in the canteen. This allows information to be communicated to the relevant target group in a targeted and timely manner.

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Why digital signage?

Especially in today’s corporate world, employees want to be regularly informed and involved. They need the latest company news in real time. However, this is often difficult to achieve, especially for non-desk workers such as production, healthcare, sales or warehouse staff. This can quickly lead to large information gaps and a feeling of isolation, as they often do not have direct access to the same information sources (email addresses, company mobile phones, PCs) as their colleagues in the office. This is where digital signage can help: With one click in Content Studio, you can add your content to digital signage. No extra effort! Fast and effective for you and your employees!

The advantages of digital signage are obvious:

  • Easy implementation: With the Multichannel comms Studio, posts can be extended to digital signage with one click.
  • Effective distribution of information: Information is distributed efficiently and in real time to all employees, regardless of their location or job.
  • Improved communication: Information is presented in an appealing and easy-to-understand way using images, text, and QR codes.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Transparent internal communication meets the needs of the corporate world and leads to better informed and valued employees.
  • Increased productivity: Informed and motivated employees work better.
  • Good employer branding: Satisfied employees lead to good company ratings and recommendations.


Looking for practical examples?

  • Information and announcements: Important company news, announcements, the cafeteria menu, and events are communicated directly and promptly.
  • Safety instructions: Digital signage displays safety instructions and regulations to improve occupational safety.
  • Motivation and inspiration: Success stories, inspiring quotes, and other content increase employee motivation and engagement.
Digital Signage

Share on your cafeteria screen in four steps:

The digital signage solution from Haiilo, you can easily and seamlessly integrate into your internal communication. In just four steps, you can create digital signage posts in the multichannel module:

  1. Go to the Content Studio
  2. Create a post in the multichannel module
  3. Activate Digital Signage with one click in “Channels”
  4. Publish the post

The view can be accessed via the appendix of the main platform URL “…/signage”, for example https://www.yourplatformURL/signage. The post view on Digital Signage includes the publication date, the teaser title, the teaser text, the teaser image, and optionally a QR code.


How does the post get on the cafeteria screen:

Go to the cafeteria and open your Digital Signage URL in the browser on the cafeteria screen. The link updates automatically. All employees can now take a look at all the news during their lunch break.


How does the QR code work:

Employees can go directly to the post detail view, either in the Haiilo mobile app (if installed) or in the Haiilo web app (if the mobile app is not installed). Only people with access to Haiilo can read the entire post.


Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with digital signage!

A Digital signage solution is a powerful tool for engaging all employees in internal communications. The integrated solution from Haiilo in our Multichannel module enables efficient and fast distribution of information, regardless of the location and job of the employee. Improved information distribution not only increases employee satisfaction, but also productivity. The result is an informed, valued and motivated workforce. Not to mention improved employer branding. Digital signage can be used easily, quickly and efficiently to reach all employees with minimal effort. Click here to take a look at our interactive Demo.


Digital Signage

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