In some organisations, the gap between blue-collar and white-collar workers can be wide – different tasks, working environments and ways of working separate employees. However, in order to create and maintain a successful business, it is important to build bridges and create a connection between workers and employees.


No more blue collar versus white collar

By recognising and valuing the different strengths and perspectives of employees, organisations can benefit from diversity and collaboration. One way to do this is to create communication channels that connect different levels and departments of the organisation. The social intranet is already in use, now it’s time to use it specifically for employees. Think about what content is relevant to these employees, bearing in mind that not everyone has their own intranet access or wants to use their personal mobile phone. The primary objective is to keep them informed of company news. A case study from our customer Solarwatt shows how this can be achieved.


How Solarwatt engages its employees

The Solarwatt Group has around 850 employees worldwide. They all have access to our social intranet SOLARWATT Inside, which they can use via their PC and the mobile app. But reaching all employees also means reaching those who do not have a permanent workplace. Around 170 people work in production and logistics at the Dresden site. To keep them up to date, we have installed screens in the production and logistics areas that display information from our company via digital signage. We use our social intranet SOLARWATT Inside for this purpose.

How we have done it with Haiilo

To make the content of the timeline accessible at a glance, we created a new home page that is displayed only on the production screens.

It looks like this: At the top, we use the “Teaser” widget to run an image gallery with short information and to get the page moving. At the bottom, we use the Recent Posts widget to display the most recent posts on the timeline in the teaser view. The teaser text should not only tease the topic, but also summarize the content of the post. The teaser image, headline, and teaser text give readers a quick overview of the topic at hand. To read the full article, the app must be launched.

Our production screens have been well received by our colleagues:

About 75% of employees feel better informed about company news thanks to digital signage.

Based on this positive experience, we have now decided to install additional screens at our locations throughout Germany to keep these colleagues up to date as well.

You also want to engage and motivate your blue-collar workers via digital signage?

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