In this ebook:

01 Focus on company culture

02 Choose the right technology

  • Mobile-first
  • Built-in analytics

03  Measure your communication

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Behaviour
  • Impact

04  Use the right content

05 Transparency and trust are the key

06 Conclusion

07 We are Haiilo


Focus on company culture

Employees are more receptive towards internal information if they are engaged to their workplace. Similarly, they are more likely to work towards achieving common goals, if they understand and agree with the goals personally. To make sure employees stand behind shared goals, the company has to make sure every single employee understands not only the goals but the reasoning behind them as well. What are the values that drive your actions? What is the impact of each individual towards achieving the goal? Only open lines of communication guarantee that employees thrive and feel at home within the company culture.

When the culture is healthy, it will be easier for employees to share their problems and concerns. Happy employees are also more engaged and more open to problem solving, collaboration and tackling miscommunication. This work satisfaction will, in turn, be reflected in what employees also share externally.

Measure your communication

Many organizations struggle with understanding what to measure*. Measuring is impossible, it the larger goals of internal communication and strategic decisions is not clear enough. Internal communication goals should always relate to the larger goals and missions.

Internal comms measurement struggle

One way to set your KPIs is to set these four levels:

  • Reach: How many employees are you reaching?
  • Engagement: How are employees engaging with your content?
  • Behaviour: What are employees doing differently?
  • Impact: On performance, productivity, employee engagement, retention, etc.

Remember to track your KPIs regularly and make adjustments accordingly.

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How to Boost Internal Communication