Content is one of the best ways to attract qualified leads to your business. Therefore, if you have a content marketing strategy in place and you’re not generating enough leads, then you need to optimize it.

There are lots of factors involved in the development and implementation of a sustainable strategy that will help you improve your content marketing over time. Below are steps that will help you implement a strategy that will help take your content marketing to the top.

1. Refine Your Buyer Persona

Creating content requires you to understand who your audience is. Therefore, you must identify the demographics of your target audience, i.e. age, salary, educational attainment, hobbies, passions, and other important factors.

All these factors help shape your buyer persona. Using this persona will help you create content that appeals to the needs and wants of your audience. Attracting the right audience will also help increase your conversion rate, resulting in higher sales.

2. Research or the Best Target Keywords

Google is still one of the best sources for information, with 3.5 billion searches a day.

You want to leverage the number of people who search for information on Google, and you can do that by optimizing for the most appropriate keywords for your content.

When researching for target keywords, you should be looking for long tail keywords, multi-word phrases which are often used to look for more speficic information. Long tail keywords are easier to rank on top of search results, thus making it more convenient for your audience to find you on Google.

Also, you need to include informational and transactional keywords in the mix. Targeting both keyword intents will help you supply enough information for readers and compel them to become your client.

3. Write Better Content

Amoung the thousands of pieces of content written of the same topic, the contents which rank on top of search results and is shared the most on social media are actionable and useful content.

To emulate their success, you need to create content that is simply better than the rest.

A content framework that helps you write content that’s cut above the rest is the skyscraper technique. Developed by Brian Dean, this approach to content lets you find the best performing content and make a better version out of it. The idea behind this framework is to be more actionable and useful to your readers so you can attract more traffic to your post.

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4. Promote Content to the Right Channels

Writing content is just half the battle. The other half is getting it across your audience on different online channels.

According to Derek Halpern, you need to implement the 80/20 rule when promoting content. For the 20% of the time you spent developing the content, you need to dedicate 80% of your time marketing it.

You need to build a promotion strategy composed of different tactics such as blogger outreach, guest posting, repurposing, and others. Employing the best strategy will help spread your content like wildfire to the right people!

If you have employees, then your job is made even easier. You can mobilize your people to help share your content with their personal networks. Using a platform like Haiilo will improve your Employee Advocacy program by keeping them abreast with the latest and best company and industry news that they can promote.

5. Track and Measure Your Progress

Once you have rolled out your content marketing strategy, you need to record and analyze your performance. Setting your Google Analytics and Search Console is a good place to start. However, you need to know which metrics to measure so you can make the necessary tweaks and improvements so you can boost the performance of your strategy.

Also, you may need to use tools like Hotjar and TruConversion to track visitors clicks, session recordings, conversion funnels and more to gain more insight into your strategy.


To be successful in content marketing, you need to set the right pieces in your strategy so you can find ways to improve and optimize its performance. The steps above will help you get the ball rolling so you can acquire more leads and increase your sales.

If you are looking to engage their employees and turn them into brand advocates, then we at Haiilo can help you get the job done. We are fully aware of the importance Employee Advocacy plays in content marketing, and our platform will help you achieve your goals of promoting your content to the right channels and getting your employees into the action.

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