There are many ways your content can go wrong. Yet sometimes the problem is simple.

Inventing the wheel is a constant challenge for content creators. In addition to seeking new things to write about, they must constantly add something new to the pack and provide real insight to others. The threat of making some common content mistakes is also very real. If your content is performing less than optimally, perhaps it’s time get to the roots of the issue. Here are some of the most common problems of content creation to keep an eye out for.

1) Lack of Diversity

No one likes a one-trick pony, and no one certainly likes being preached. Sticking to always that one topic gets old over time. You should also avoid maintaining a single format in your content. Not only should you vary the type of writing, but also the visuals that go along with it. There’s a long list of tools for content creators out there.

Factoring in the purpose of each piece of content can help bring about ideas for style. Should it be sales-y or down-to-Earth? A proper content strategy helps to break down the types of content needed.

2) Uneven Quality

It’s not enough to occasionally have great posts. You need to constantly maintain a certain set of standards to keep people interested, because nothing repels readers more quickly than mediocrity. Although the nature of texts varies according to the writer, the quality should not.

The editor is the one who ultimately holds the keys to readable, high-quality content. Find some very good tips on how to polish that (diamond-in-the-)rough draft.

Because let’s face it: It’s the final draft that counts.

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3) Keeping It Too Vague

Writing on a topic in way that appeals to no one in particular can result in some pretty lacklustre stuff. Going for too big an audience or a topic that does not fall under the writer’s expertise can also be very counterproductive. It’s better to narrow things down and really focus on something, even if it’s a niche topic. While the appeal of a more specialized text will be for a smaller group, the effect is likely to be stronger.

Providing unique and personal tips can draw in a lot of traffic, because readers will ultimately want to get something out of your content. Combining education and entertainment in style will also make the content sink in that much better.

4) No Fresh Factor

In today’s content overload, it’s important to be able to offer a new perspective. Quality writing gets you far, but topics should be approached from appealing angles to make a long-lasting impression. Search engines are your friends, when it comes to scouring what’s already been said.

Create something of value. Thought leadership is about providing the best answers to the most important questions, in the right format. It’s also simply about having thoughts of your own.

5) Failing to Venture

If you never experiment with what works, there’s no way to keep better content coming. Content creators should constantly read up on emerging trends, and more importantly, what readers consider to be in. Note: Don’t just go with the flow, though. It is wildly important that you sometimes just go with your gut. Even if that sometimes means going against the mainstream.

For example, using the passive “tense” is often demonized. But just because many writers avoid using it, this doesn’t mean that it could not work for your benefit, on your own terms. You are allowed to make judgement calls, when it comes to your content.

6) Not Loving What You Do

The biggest sin of all: a lack of passion. If you don’t like what you do, your content will be one of the first casualties. You need to believe in what you write, and for your content to shine you need to invest in it.

You should always play with your strengths for the best possible outcome. This doesn’t mean you should simply force your content to work around your insights, though. Rather, find new ways to apply your insights. You may be surprised by where and how your expertise can shine.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of doing things the same way. But if the rut is not working out for you, it’s best to truthfully examine ways of improving and shaking things up.

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