Employee engagement is one of the top things to drive business performance, positive employer branding and company culture. What are the signs of having engaged employees?

Employee engagement is one of the top aspects businesses should consider. It’s not just for the benefit of HR to have engaged employees – it’s something that affects the bottom line.

How will you know if your employees are engaged at work or not?

1) They are proactive in communication.

Employee engagement is one of the top reasons for investing in internal communication. Two-way dialogue supports being open and engaging employees through trust. If your employees are engaged, they’ll talk to you about their problems, instead of airing their unhappiness to others. They’ll provide you with valuable feedback, as long as you give them the opportunity to do so.

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2) Their online reviews are positive.

With happy and motivated employees, you’re more likely to get stellar reviews online that highlight to others the value of your company as an employer. But positive reviews won’t come out of thin air. By investing in you culture, employees will want to write positive things about the company.

3) They are high performers.

Gallup has found that when employees’ performance development needs are met, employees become emotionally and psychologically attached to their work and employer. On account of this, their individual performance peaks and they also drive others in their team and organization to achieve more. Engagement is a sign of both individuals and teams reaching their results and going  beyond them.

4) They participate in word of mouth.

Engaged employees let others know how much they value your company as an employer and place to work. Whether this takes place digitally or offline, this type of marketing has sway over the people’s perception of your company and whether they will eventually buy from you or not.

The effects of positive word of mouth may take time to bring out results. But negative word of mouth can quickly take its toll. By gathering feedback among your employees and monitoring what they share about your company online, you can quickly get a sense of the general sentiment employees have.

Employee disengagement is costing the UK £340 billion each year. Even a slight increase in productivity is worth billions. So make sure you’re engaging employees through knowledge and personal growth, and providing them with the tools that allow them to succeed.

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