Only a few months to go until the European Championship 2024 kicks off! To celebrate in style, Haiilo, together with our partner T-Systems MMS, is now the only employee communication platform to offer you the right tool to share the excitement and get your employees even more engaged: the exclusive Euro 2024 prediction game.

Here is a quick guide to integrate your prediction game directly into your Haiilo social intranet and engage all your employees.

Why a Prediction Game?

Simply put: it is the best way to boost engagement on your intranet. Football brings people together! Sharing excitement around the event will have a positive impact on the engagement with intranet content and, of course, on employee communities and a sense of belonging. All of this will have a lasting effect on employee loyalty – even after the European Championship is over. #oneteam ✊

Best of all, integration with your Haiilo employee communications platform is quick and easy.
Plus, the betting game offers hundreds of other sports and competitions, so you can keep playing long after the European Championship.

Step 1: Create a Community

Create your own community on Haiilo for your prediction game. Note: In the basic settings of the community, the visibility must be set to public so that everyone can join and participate directly. Tip: You can promote the community on your homepage with a teaser widget or directly in the hero teaser widget. That way, all your employees will know about the game and can join with just one click. The bigger the community, the more exciting the game. The more interaction, the more engagement!

Step 2: Breathe Life into the Community

You can integrate all Haiilo apps as navigation within the prediction game community. For example, you can explain the rules of the game, set timings, decide which answer options you need and how you want to score the whole thing.

But first, you need to integrate the Prediction Game plug-in as a widget. Add content app, add the Prediction Game plug-in as a widget, configure Prediction Game, done.

The integrated community timeline app allows you to discuss matches, referees, red cards and more. Other ways to promote the Prediction Game community include integrating an RSS feed for match day news or a teaser celebrating the top team in the rankings.

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Step 3: Share the Excitement

Football brings people together – that’s nothing new. And 2024 should be no different! Block off the match days in your calendar and organize a big Zoom call with a shared screen so all your colleagues can share in the excitement.

That way, the entire punters’ community can come together digitally on the final matchday to choose the lucky winner and reward all the predictions, expert timeline posts and clever football phrases. 🤓 After all, an awards ceremony is part of the game, isn’t it?

🏆 PS: To make it even more exciting, you can offer a prize to the winner. How about a company challenge trophy or a company donation to a charity of the winner’s choice?


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to receive ideas and especially screenshots of your prediction game. With that in mind, we hope that our template will help you create an exciting Euro 2024 prediction game!

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After the Euro is Before the Next Prediction Game

The European Football Championship may be a highlight of the sporting calendar, but the excitement and shared experience doesn’t have to end with the final whistle. With our betting game plugin, we offer a sustainable solution to keep engagement and interaction on your intranet at a high level throughout the year.

Our plugin is not limited to the European Championship period. It opens the door to a world of sports and leagues far beyond football. From the dynamics of ice hockey to a variety of other sporting events, we offer hundreds of leagues worldwide. Whether your employees are football fans, ice hockey enthusiasts or followers of a lesser-known sport, our prediction game plugin has something for everyone.


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