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With Haiilo you can maximize your employees’ social selling capabilities across social platforms.

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One of Vodafone Spain’s biggest competitors in the industry asked me just last week about what we’re doing on LinkedIn and how we’re doing it because she sees so many Vodafone-related stories. It’s the best feedback and input we can get because even our competition is taking notice.

Roberto Tamayo
Local&Global Social Media Lead, Vodafone

Build a bigger pipeline through social selling

With employee advocacy your sales teams will be supplied with the right tools to be active and confident on social media. Allowing them to build out their social influence and presence, being a trusted advisor on industry-specific topics. 

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Higher closing rates with less effort

Leads generated through employee shared messages are 7x more likely to convert (IBM). Haiilo helps to curate and share relevant content, helping your sales teams to actively engage with prospects. Meaning converting opportunities at scale in no time. 

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One place for all your sales assets

Haiilo creates a central space to bring all your resources, tools and knowledge together in an easily structured, searchable digital home. The most recent assets, battle cards and competitive intel – accessible anywhere, whether they’re in the field or in the office.  


Know your sales & performance numbers

No advocacy or social selling program will be complete without measurable KPIs. Haiilo provides each user with a personalized dashboard to see which content worked based on relevant social engagement metrics. Adoption and engagement are even further increased throughout the company with the built-in points-based gamification engine!

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More than 1,000 companies trust Haiilo to be the best software for social selling

Haiilo matches your sales strategy

  • Content customization

    Authenticity is key. Admin users can write multiple post-captions, titles, and descriptions for sharing, in order to avoid duplication. Or let your employees share their own captions.

  • Thought leadership

    Posting insightful content on industry trends and challenges and engaging with industry influencers and analysts, builds up your credibility.

  • Brand building

    People trust people. 92% of people trust recommendations from their peers over any other form of advertising.

  • Increased collaboration

    Help distributed sales teams work together and support knowledge sharing .

  • Impact measuring

    Learn what content your sales team is responding to, and which correlates to positive sales numbers.

  • Improved sales onboarding

    Give new employees everything they need to get started while reducing the effort required from HR.

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