HR & Culture

Make sure your employees stay engaged. Make them happy by involving and connecting them. And give them the right tools to share their stories. Internally and externally. With Haiilo.

5 out of 5

Increase retention and attract top talent

It’s one of the biggest challenges companies face today, and it will be even harder to attract and retain top talent tomorrow. With Haiilo, you always know what topics drive your teams and enable them to push your Employer Brand to a completely new level.

  • Reduce turnover sustainably in all teams

  • Save time by using automated employee surveys

  • Use your employees’ voices to attract new talent

  • Be aware of the risks before they impact your teams

A man and a women in a co-working area, smiling
  • We consciously chose to empower employees to be a voice for the work experience at Coca-Cola HBC. This helps them grow their social presence and supports the company’s authentic employer brand.

  • When you have a large population of interns, it is imperative that they have the best experience. Haiilo Insights allows you to have a deep understanding of their experience. You can receive and share your best practices within the HR community to implement improvements.

  • It is so much easier to quickly come together interactively and create a working culture. In addition, from my point of view as an employee of the headquarters, it is very suitable for quickly passing on news and important information to the organization and, at the same time, to quickly get feedback and see the mood through comments and discussions.

  • Very positive feedback from our employees and an impressive commitment to share content and, therefore, help promote our company as an attractive employer.

Don’t lose track while working remotely

Always stay on the pulse of your employees, no matter where or when they work. With smart surveys from Haiilo Insights, you always know how your workforce really feels, what they need and what’s important for them.

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Make your employees your biggest advocates

With Haiilo Share, it is easy as never before to make every single employee a passionate brand ambassador. If it’s industry news, company updates or job listings – use the large reach of your staff’s social networks.

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Retain top employees and reduce turnover

Know which triggers make your employees decide to stay or to leave. Employee turnover and absenteeism are the two key indicators that companies want to improve. Haiilo Insights offers you the right data to sustainably change those numbers for the better.

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Make onboarding easy, for you and them

Onboarding has been a pain point for many organizations around the world. Haiilo can be a true game-changer. By using Haiilo Home, you can create onboarding areas in minutes. And with Haiilo Insights, you won’t lose track of your newbies’ motivation.

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Know what leads to disengagement

To keep employees emotionally committed to you as an employer is hard. We make it easy. We identify what factors lead to disengagement and provide you with solutions. Also, you can benchmark with similar companies to compare your scores.

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Find the perfect match in your employees’ networks

People trust people. By sharing your brand values and your workforce’s stories through your employees, they don’t only reach way further but also are trusted much more by top talent and potential future candidates.

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Push your Employer Brand to the next level

Did you know that messages from employees reach over 500% further on social media than messages from companies? This also means reaching 500% more potential employees. Haiilo Share is the best tool to boost your employer brand.

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Knowledge & guidelines, all in one place

With Haiilo Home you can easily build multimedia wiki articles and blog posts to keep everyone informed about guidelines and processes. Of course these are also available for everyone on the go with our branded employee app.

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