We are thrilled to announce that today COYO (Germany), Smarp (Finland) and Jubiwee (France) are becoming a new joint brand: Haiilo! #oneteam

And what happens when three strong and innovative players join forces? Exactly, they reinvent the rules of the game! Together we’ll redefine Employee Engagement. With the merger, Haiilo becomes one of the largest providers of social intranet, employee communications and employee engagement software in the world. More than 750 international companies – including Amazon, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Ritter Sport, and L’Oréal – already rely on the smart solutions for a better corporate culture, offering more than 2 million employees a communication platform as a “digital home”.

The Haiilo family is spread all over the globe with 300+ employees from offices in Atlanta, London, Hamburg, Paris and Helsinki, all working together to help our customers achieve more growth, productivity and purpose.

Why Haiilo?

We are here to help companies combat the biggest challenge on the market today: the war for talent.

Today, more than 1.25 billion people worldwide are engaged in knowledge work. Industries such as IT and engineering have been growing steadily over the past few years and the need for qualified employees has never been greater.

The demand is especially high when it comes to young talent, which is boosted not only by demographic changes, but also by the change in working environment. The COVID-pandemic has normalized hybrid and remote work. Most employees are now able to work from anywhere. The competition for young skilled employees has turned global and location-independent.

What does it mean? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nearly 1.8 million jobs in software development, quality assurance and testing in the U.S. today, and forecasts for 2030 predict a total of around 2.2 million jobs in these fields of activity. Qualified personnel will be needed for approximately 400,000 additional jobs. Companies’ inability to fill in the positions can lead to huge loss of sales, growth and quality. Below are a few stats on the global shortage of talent and the skills that are most needed nowadays according to the recent research:


Digital empathy and purpose: modern problems require modern solutions

Work-life balance instead of high salary, mental health instead of burnout, and purpose instead of status symbols – employees’ needs have changed dramatically. Home office and new work has become the new normal as a result of the pandemic. This leaves organizations worldwide wondering – is there anything a company can offer as a competitive advantage in today’s digital age?

Jan Marius Marquardt, founder of COYO and CEO of Haiilo, sees the answer in togetherness:

“We are all looking for a sense of belonging and purpose in the company. In a nutshell: a home. Organizations are exploring ways to create such a strong corporate culture. However, this requires more than a company car or free fruit and drinks. Corporate culture is nurtured by people in the company who share their own individual stories, leave their unique mark, and get involved with the company. Many organizations first have to learn how to create ideal conditions for this. This is exactly where we step in with Haiilo.”


Haiilo gives 2 million employees a “digital home”

Company culture is created when people get together to share knowledge, bounce off each other ideas, come up with new projects. Many organizations lack the abilitiy to provide their employees with a space for interaction, collaboration and sharing content. And that’s where Haiilo comes into play. We want to take employee engagement, sense of belonging and internal communication to a new level, as well as connect your employees and turn them into brand ambassadors.

From offices in Atlanta, London, Hamburg, Paris and Helsinki, our team of 300 experts supports customers like Amazon, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Ritter Sport and German Railways, to keep 2 million of their employees engaged and informed. The Engagement Cloud is based on products Haiilo Home, Haiilo Stories, Haiilo Share and Haiilo Insights:

Haiilo Home (social intranet and app, formerly COYO)

Haiilo Home is your social intranet that blends the benefits of a central information hub with the stickiness of a social network. Ideas and news can be shared here in real time with the entire workforce. All employees can access the company knowledge base at any time – from the desktop, from home office or mobile via smartphone.

Haiilo Stories (omnichannel communication tool, formerly Smarp)

Every employee works differently. With Haiilo Stories, companies are able to reach their people across all devices and locations. Publish to any channel: Email, Intranet, Chat, News App and more. All at the click of a button.

Haiilo Insights (People Analytics Platform, formerly Jubiwee)

Companies need scalable knowledge of their internal atmosphere to drive engagement and adjust the direction of communications accordingly. Haiilo Insights, as an engagement analytics tool, generates a 360° view of colleagues’ needs, desires and personal goals. This allows managers to anticipate problems and identify the best practices to support and engage their teams.

Haiilo Share (Employee Advocacy, formerly Smarp)

Successful brands communicate through their workforce – brand ambassadors make a company credible and authentic. With Haiilo Share, organizations give every employee the ability to share their stories beyond the social intranet to all social media channels with one click. This has a lasting impact on a company’s image – within and outside of the office.

The future of employee engagement and communications is here – let’s reinvent the rules of the game together!

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