The impact and use of AI in internal communications is getting bigger every day and many IC professionals already use AI prompts for their internal communications initiatives. However, there is still much to be learned to better understand current thinking around viable approaches as well as what the future holds.

As nicely explained by the Institute of Internal Communications:

AI can create efficiencies that allow internal communication professionals the space to focus on the vital human connection that underpins all thriving workplaces. Nonetheless, there are unanswered questions that require deeper contemplation. 

​​This blog is a comprehensive guide for internal communications professionals who are just starting to understand how to use AI or want to advance and expand its use in their daily work.

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Ways to Use AI In Internal Communications

According to the Forbes Advisor survey, 46% of business owners said they are already using AI to help them craft internal communications.


There are many different ways to use AI in internal communications, but these are some of our favorite ones:

Information search

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. On average, that’s 9.3 hours per week!

Luckily, internal communications professionals can use AI to improve information search and find relevant content in seconds. 

For example, Haiilo’s social intranet leverages AI to make information search seamless for employees. When employees have a specific work-related question, they get an answer instead of a list of different links and resources to work with. Think Google Search versus ChatGPT. When you perform a search on Google you get pages and pages of links with content that may or may not be relevant. With ChatGPT you get a comprehensive, clear, and easily consumable answer to your question. 

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Personalized employee experience

AI can help internal comms professionals make content more relevant to their target audiences and see a bigger impact on their internal storytelling activities.  

Advanced internal communications platforms leverage AI to analyze user activity, understand employee interests, and predict future engagement. Based on data, communicators can identify specific employee profiles, create segments (based on locations, job functions, departments, and many others), and get recommendations around what type of content employees are likely to engage the most with. 

Data and people analytics

One of the most common ways companies leverage AI is to analyze large volumes of raw data. This can come in very handy in HR and internal communications departments that regularly measure their employees’ pulse to improve the overall employee experience. Over 70% of companies use people analytics to improve their performance, according to a Deloitte report

AI can identify patterns and provide insights from data collected from employee feedback, employee surveys, and other interactions within internal social platforms. This information is valuable for understanding employee sentiment, preferences, and concerns, and can enable employers to better tailor their communications and come up with new employee experience initiatives.

Content creation

To create high-quality content, internal communications professionals need more time to focus on what matters. Luckily, with AI, internal communicators don’t ever have to create content from scratch

While content bots should never be used to replace internal comms, they should be used to produce structures and body copy for content quickly and at volume. Then, a human touch should be added to turn the content into an interesting and unique piece that grabs the user’s attention.

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AI tools can help you brainstorm ideas for creative and engaging internal content tailored to each unique audience, increasing employee readership.

For example, you can create an AI prompt asking employees their thoughts on a particular topic, or find out how they feel about a certain issue. Managers may use it to draft their feedback on employee performance. 

The uses are limitless!

Advancing your AI skills and understanding how to use them will help you brainstorm new ways to communicate, and find the right messaging.

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Now let’s dig deeper into some AI prompts for internal communications.

AI Prompts for Company-Wide Announcements

One of the most common uses of AI in internal communications is writing memos and other company-wide announcements

✨ Here are just a few examples of AI prompts you can use for such activities: 

Mergers and acquisitions

Our company was recently acquired by another large organization. Employees have been worried about what this change means for them. Write an announcement post notifying employees about the change using a positive tone of voice. 

Leadership changes

There are significant changes happening in our leadership team. This is a positive change for our organization as it will allow us to grow our company faster and better adapt to the important market drivers. Write an announcement about the change and encourage employees to ask questions about it. 


Open enrollment

On [date] open enrollment starts in our organization. During the enrollment period, employees can shop and select their healthcare coverage and other benefits. Their medical plans will have a big impact on their healthcare experience, so it’s an important decision. Write an email inviting and encouraging employees to research different benefits and choose the best ones for their needs. 

New policy

Our company is introducing a new IT policy where every employee is required to use 2-factor authentication to log into workplace tools. The organization will provide all the necessary training to the employees. This policy will help us make our IT infrastructure safer. Create a memo describing the change using a positive tone of voice. 

Product launches

On [date] our organization is launching a new version of our product. Some of the important new features include [list the features]. Create a social post announcing the new release and encourage employees to ask questions about it. 

Workplace safety

In 2 days, a tropical storm is announced close to our office location. Write an internal newsletter to inform employees about the storm. Explain possible consequences of the storm and share best practices about how to behave in such situations, including the possibility of evacuation. Notify employees that they shouldn’t come to the office on that day.  

Draft an urgent company-wide alert regarding a cybersecurity breach and invite employees to report any suspicions about it.

AI Prompts for Employee Surveys 

AI can help you put together relevant employee surveys, analyze survey data, or craft messages to boost employee participation. 

✨ Here are some examples of AI prompts. 


The survey participation rate in our organization is low. Write a message explaining that surveys can help our organization better understand employee needs and expectations and improve their overall employee experience. Invite employees to take the survey using a positive tone of voice. 

What are some best practices for improving survey participation rates among engineers and developers?



What are the reasons for low eNPS (employee net promoter score)? Create a survey with questions to help us understand the reasons behind a low eNPS. 

Create an automated message for employees who have a low eNPS. Include an open-ended question about what they would improve in our organization. 

Employee sentiment

Create a survey to measure employee sentiment on the company’s recent communication efforts.

Create a pulse survey to measure employees’ relationships with their managers. 

Create a survey to get feedback about the company’s DEI initiatives. 

Create a survey to measure the level of employee alignment and understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. 

Create a survey to help us predict turnover among employees.

AI Prompts for Internal Comms KPIs and People Analytics

AI can be very valuable in analyzing your workplace data and providing suggestions for improving people-related KPIs. This is one of the common uses of AI among HR and IC professionals. 

✨ Take a look at these prompts:

Employee engagement

10% of employees in our organization are highly engaged. If my organization has 1000 employees, how many additional employees should be highly engaged to get to get to 25%? 

What are the biggest indicators and behaviors of low employee engagement in large organizations?

Our employees in India have a higher engagement rate compared to employees in the United States. What could be some cultural characteristics causing this difference?

Email open rates

Our organization is trying to improve the email open rates of our internal newsletter from 40% to 65%. Give me some examples of good and bad email subject lines for company-wide announcements. 

We want to AB test our email subject lines for an upcoming announcement about a new company policy. Write two subject lines to use in this AB test.


Intranet usage

Our employees don’t use our intranet regularly and they don’t read the content we post on the intranet. Create a list of ideas and topic titles to increase intranet usage rates in our organization. 

Turnover rates

Our organization has a turnover rate of 20%. Our goal is to reduce the turnover rate to 10%. We know that the employees are happy with our compensation and benefits packages. What are some other ways to decrease employee turnover?

Give me some examples of how internal communications departments can impact an organization’s turnover rate. 

AI Prompts for Internal Newsletter

Not sure where to get started with your internal company newsletter?

✨ Here are a few ideas about how to use AI to make your life easier. 


We need to develop content ideas for our weekly internal newsletter quickly. Generate a list of topics that would be relevant to our customer success.

New hires

Create an internal newsletter announcing and welcoming our new hires. Invite employees to reach out to the new employees and introduce themselves. Use humor and a relaxed tone of voice. 

Health and wellbeing

Our organization is trying to improve the participation rate in our health and well-being programs. Create an internal newsletter encouraging employees to participate in a health and wellness challenge.


AI Prompts for Leadership Communication

If you want to help your CEO or leadership team put together an important announcement, you can use AI to help you with that!

✨ Here are a few examples of AI prompts you can use:

New week our organization holds an internal company podcast hosted by our CEO. Draft a speech for the CEO addressing recent company achievements.

Develop talking points for a department head discussing team goals.

Compose an email from leadership requesting employee feedback about the new company goals.

Last year, our organization achieved 110% of revenue goals. Create a social post for our CEO to post on the company intranet acknowledging employees’ hard work.

Draft a year-end email from the CEO reflecting on the year’s challenges and successes.

Next week our organization holds an internal company podcast hosted by our CEO. Draft a social post inviting employees to participate. 


AI Prompts for Employees

Employees can also use AI for various internal communications activities.

✨ Here are a few examples:

Information search and comprehension

List all the company documents and materials about vacation policies. 

Summarize the most important information from this document [paste content]. 

Employee advocacy and social selling

Pull all of our organization’s social posts about diversity and inclusion. 

How to write a social post to attract job candidates to our organization? 

Draft a social post summarizing this article [paste article]. 

Peer-to-peer recognition

Draft a short message to send kudos to my manager who is always here to support me.


Create a message to recognize my colleague for a successful project delivery. 

Draft a message to recognize my colleague for always being ready to help. 

Write a message to send appreciation to my colleague who has helped me close a recent deal.

Best AI Tools for Internal Communications

Even thought there are many AI tools out there, a few of them are a perfect fir for internal communications professionals right now. 

This is our top 3 list:



Haiilo is an employee communication platform used by large organizations across the globe. It is an AI-powered social intranet and employee engagement app that helps organizations improve their internal communications strategies and boost the overall employee experience.  

Haiilo is dedicated to continuously developing cutting-edge technology through Generative AI while keeping a watchful eye on potential risks and concerns. By focusing on the needs of internal communicators and end-users alike, Haiilo aims to revolutionize communication processes, foster creativity, and enhance user experiences in a safe and secure manner.


ChatGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate meaningful conversations that can help with, onboarding, training, and employee engagement workplace initiatives.

ChatGPT can also help internal communicators to detect sentiment in conversations, which allows them to identify potential issues or areas for improvement quickly and accurately. Understanding sentiment can help you refine your internal newsletter copies, intranet posts, internal blogs, or email subject lines to ensure they hit the right note for the reader.


Gemini (previously Bard) is Google’s AI-driven content curation tool that helps communicators find relevant stories and articles quickly. Even though it it similar to ChatGPT, it comes with one important distinction: it can use Google’s vast resources to quickly and accurately find the content that your employees need.

Many IC professionals already use this AI tool to draft memos or build FAQs for employees.

Check out our report on the synergy of multichannel communication and employee listening, featuring Forrester!

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