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Say hi to Haiilo AVA 👋🏼 and never start on a blank sheet of paper again. Haiilo’s AI-powered content creation is here!

In one of our latest blog articles we’ve already described what generative AI means and that it for sure can make us more efficient and better at communication in many scenarios. The advent of AI has made it possible to generate content that is not only relevant but also timely and personalized.

At Haiilo, we see internal communications still being managed by creative and strategic communication specialists, but we also know there is one thing we all lack: time.

Haiilo’s AI integration AVA (Artificial Virtual Assistant) can help you finish your to-dos up to 10x faster. We are convinced our brand-new AI integration will make your daily work a lot easier.

a quote by ava = artificial virtual assistant

Before we dive into how AVA works, let’s first take a look at some of the benefits of introducing AI to content generation in your internal communications platform:

Benefits of AI in internal comms

⏰Saved time

You can create high-quality content in minutes, freeing up valuable time for other tasks (or coffee).

✅Improved efficiency

Automated content generation allows for a faster turnaround time.


You can produce volumes of content without hiring additional human resources.

Now back to Haiilo – in the new Haiilo Content Studio, you can create appealing content for various target groups within minutes, already. Adding AI capabilities to your content creation directly to where you process the content daily will allow you to work much more efficiently and a lot faster.

And this is how Haiilo’s content creation tool works with AI:

Just type in what the post should be about and let AI do its magic.

Haiilo AVA GIF I

Wow! 🤩 This already looks like a proper foundation for an informative article. To make the text sound more in line with your company’s style, you can change its tonality or simplify it. In this case, let’s summarize it to provide a shorter version as well.


The new Haiilo Content Studio was created to work seamlessly with AI integrations, making every communicator’s daily job easier and more efficient.

Introducing AI to content generation in your internal communications software can help drive employee engagement, improve collaboration, and save lots of valuable time. Haiilo is easy to use, scalable and can be customized to meet your requirements. So why not give it a try and see how it can transform your internal communications?


PS: Think twice before telling your boss about this feature ☕️ 🤓

PPS: This blog article was, of course, created with an enormous portion of help from AI 🧠


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