Proving the Business Impact of Employee Communications: Overcoming the Measurement Gap


Measuring the effectiveness of internal communications is challenging.  Organizations often struggle with defining meaningful metrics, lacking tools to measure the right indicators effectively, obtaining qualitative data, setting clear objectives, and moving beyond surface-level metrics like reach, likes, and comments. In partnership with Gallagher, the global consultancing firm, we conducted a comprehensive survey to gain insights into the time, effort, challenges, and potential solutions related to measurement in employee communications.

In this survey, we wanted to get to grips with just how much time and effort is being spent measuring, what the challenges are, and how we might overcome them.

Key Topics to Consider for Your Own Assessment:

1. Attitudes Towards Measurement

2. Barriers to Effective Measurement

3. Frequency of Reporting

4. Importance of Cadence

This survey aimed to explore the extent of time and effort spent on measurement, identify the associated challenges and suggest potential solutions. Many respondents expressed a strong desire to enhance their measurement practices. Key was for measurement to be easier, automated, aligned with business goals, and recognised and supported by senior leadership.

Our Gallagher partner, Sharn Kleiss , Strategy Partner for Employee Experience & Insights has created her own summary for this research piece.  Click here to read her commentary and what is means for your business.



Gallagher & Haiilo partnered together to collect in-depth feedback about their experience with measurements. Using a proprietary online survey platform, more than 100 quantitative and qualitative data points were reviewed.

Based on our findings, we pulled together our top tips for making measurement easier

  • Get laser-focused

    Define clear objectives and ditch the fluff. Measure what truly matters to drive real business outcomes.

  • Harness the power within

    Maximise existing tools and resources at your disposal. Don’t overlook the untapped potential of your communication platforms and data sources.

  • Talk to the people

    Engage with employees and stakeholders to uncover their communication preferences and pain points. Don’t guess—get real insights straight from the source.

  • Start small, win big

    Pilot measurement initiatives to test what works. Prove the impact and feasibility of different metrics and tools before scaling up.

  • Unite for success

    Collaborate with other departments and tap into their expertise. Break down silos, align measurement efforts, and create consistency across the organisation.

Download the full report here!