We’re delighted that True Consultancy has joined our Haiilo partner family.  

At Haiilo, we provide customers with the ultimate employee experience through our communications and intranet platform.  This world-class service is enhanced by the support of our strategic partners and their expertise. Businesses use our platform to connect and communicate with employees on a daily basis, and it serves as a powerful tool to support transformative change, especially when combined with the expertise of our partner network.

True is a boutique communications consultancy founded on the belief that engaged employees can drive impactful change within organisations. Drawing from senior-level experience in major companies, True provides practical solutions that can be tailored to the needs, culture, and challenges of its clients. Run by industry stalwarts Ann-Marie Blake and Howard Krais, True is committed to approaching change through understanding, trust, and advocacy.

True offers an array of services that include mapping employee engagement and experience, managing change and transformation, and integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into organizational culture. They also provide organisations with strategies to better listen to and understand employees, mentorship for emerging leaders, and training for communication professionals looking to advance their skills and expertise.

Based in London, True collaborates with organisations and specialists to offer comprehensive services to clients in the UK and globally. Their approach focuses on understanding how people perform and react during complex change and transformation. With their combined knowledge and experience, Ann-Marie and Howard can recognize the best strategy for each client, allowing them to deliver practical solutions designed to fit each culture.

Howard comments on the new partnership: “Joining forces with Haiilo opens up new opportunities for both our organisations. We believe that as well as winning the battle for logic, organisations need to win the battle for emotion.  This means a commitment to building understanding, trust, and advocacy as a critical part of the change process.  The tools the Haiilo platform offers are a crucial part of this battle toolkit for employers.”

Robert Suberg, Haiilo’s Senior Partner Manager, adds: “Our partnership with True adds another excellent service provider to our global partner portfolio.  We aim to partner with consultants and businesses who can truly support businesses with their communication and engagement strategies, specifically as part of utilising our Haiilo tools to the best effect.  By working in partnership with thought leaders in their areas, insights provided by the platform truly enable meaningful actions, as leaders can actively listen to what is most important to employees and identify improvements quickly and effectively.”

As the partner network expands, Haiilo remains committed to building strong relationships with complementary companies like True. These partnerships enable Haiilo to serve its rapidly growing global customer base with strategic professional services.

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