Content is at the core of any communication strategy. Whether it is about external branding or aligning employees internally, content can inform, stir, and engage.

Engaging and informing employees is one of the top challenges companies face. Employees need relevant information to succeed and learn on the job, but first, they need access to this information.

Every company (hopefully) realizes the importance of content marketing. What they often might neglect is the audience they need to reach first: their employees. “If you truly want to succeed, you need to educate your employees about the meaningful work you’re doing across your organization. More importantly, you need to get them excited about it.” If your employees are not excited about your company, you should not expect others to be, either.

This is where a centralized content hub as a way to inform employees may come in handy.

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Using an Internal Content Hub to Inform and Engage

What is a content hub? When it comes to marketing, i.e. an external content hub, the Kissmetrics blog has quite a simple definition: “A content hub is a destination where website visitors can find branded, curated, social media, user-generated, or any type of content related to a topic.”

The same can be applied to an internal content hub, only the target audience is the company’s own employees. It is a place to find relevant company and third-party content that employees can read, comment on and share with others. It drives the same purpose as an intranet, but the focus is on more interaction and collaboration, making it more an internal social media tool.

Internal content hubs are key for facilitating sharing knowledge in the company among employees and different departments.

Let us look more closely at the benefits involved in having such a hub.

It’s a Timesaver

With a centralized system for accessing professional content, employees won’t have to wonder where they can find (or saw) that important piece of information about the company or industry. They will also know how to find it, when the content hub has proper segmenting and targeting features in place.

The mobile aspect is also important – reaching employees on their smartphones is more crucial than ever. Flexible schedules, telecommuting, and non-desk workers are taking over the working life.


It Enables Equal Participation

Compared to a traditional intranet that is governed by a select group, an internal content hub is a place where employees can push ideas and contribute in a different way. It should have built-in features that are not defined by a certain group or department, but allows everyone to take part in an easy, user-friendly manner. In fact, the more active employees are in reading, suggesting and discussing content on the hub, the more lucrative the beneficial will be for different purposes.

Keep it interactive and targeted, so that you can get out of the content hub. Remember the importance of having a strategy to align technology around as well, it will not serve a purpose on its own.

It Engages Through Layers of Knowledge Sharing

Different departments hold different types of knowledge, all of which contributes to the business in some way. The prevalent type of knowledge sharing in companies revolves around supply-side knowledge management, which relies on a top-down method of information dissemination. The modern-day working environment is more suited for bottom-up knowledge sharing through collaboration and innovation, something called demand-side knowledge management.

Internal content hubs support collaboration by encouraging all employees and departments to share their expertise. Not only does this boost individual performance, but it allows for the company to share information both vertically and horizontally and this way block information gaps and unnecessary processes that hinder performance.

Investing in a content hub to boost internal communication and knowledge sharing processes is an investment that will pay itself back over time.

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