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A few more reasons
why customers choose Haiilo
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Bring all your employees together in one trusted digital home

Employees are human, with a need for connection, meaning and purpose. Whether dispersed or on-site, give your employees a sense of togetherness and belonging. Haiilo allows you to bring your employees together in one digital home.

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Branding & White-Labeling – Haiilo the way you want

With our multi-brand design, you can customize Haiilo to your corporate design, integrate your logo and even configure locations differently. And of course, our employee app can also be extensively customized thanks to white labeling.

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Intuitive user experience – from admin to end-user

The platform you work with every day should be one thing above all else: intuitive and easy to use. We’ve developed Haiilo so that you can find your way around immediately – from the admin to the end-user. No prior coding knowledge required. After all, Haiilo should make your job easier, not unnecessarily complicated.

Our user interface design is the key to high user acceptance and employee engagement.

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Enterprise Security & Compliance

From ISO 27001 certification to GDPR compliance, Haiilo provides you with industry-leading enterprise security to help safeguard your data.

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The Haiilo Effect

We support you in bringing the values and experiences of your employees to life in unique company culture.
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    Up to 91 % weekly unique user rate

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    5 times more engaged users

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    58% less time for the search effort

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    Increase profitability by up to 22%

Why our customers love Haiilo

We enable companies to drive motivation and productivity because engaged employees are the key driver for business success in the future.

And we promise: Our products will be exceptionally easy to use. Forever.

  • I have never experienced a similar service & support as a software customer with any other provider! Be it the transparent, fast and successful incident management, but also the active and ongoing involvement of users/customers in further developments – I have never experienced this anywhere else!

  • I liked how the Social Intranet from Haiilo helped me with my company, facilitating the organization, motivation of employees, and engineering.

  • Very positive feedback from our employees and an impressive commitment to share content and, therefore, help promote our company as an attractive employer.

  • Quick to learn, easy to use, intuitive, simple and easy to understand for a quick implementation.

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Employee Communications, Employee Advocacy & Employee Engagement.
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4.6 out of 5

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