Why companies choose Haiilo over Microsoft SharePoint

Ce que les clients pensent de nous sur G2

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Haiilo vs SharePoint

Here’s a comparison chart based on the reviews from G2, the world’s leading peer-to-peer software review website.

Meets Requirements
(Responses: 9)
(Responses: 6703)
Ease of Use
(Responses: 9)
(Responses: 6726)
Ease of Setup
(Responses: 5)
(Responses: 1473)
Ease of Admin
(Responses: 6)
(Responses: 1500)
Quality of Support
(Responses: 8)
(Responses: 5061)

A few more reasons
why customers choose Haiilo
over Microsoft SharePoint

Intuitive user experience – from admin to end-user

The platform you work with every day should be one thing above all else: intuitive and easy to use. We’ve developed Haiilo so that you can find your way around immediately – from the admin to the end-user. No prior coding knowledge required. After all, Haiilo should make your job easier, not unnecessarily complicated.

Our user interface design is the key to high user acceptance and employee engagement.

Leverage your Microsoft 365 with Haiilo

Are you currently switching to Microsoft 365 (or already relying on it) and want to improve both your internal communications and your system landscape? With our Microsoft 365 integration, you get the optimal solution to bring structure to your M365 suite, get more flexibility and reach all your employees. Haiilo will complement your existing system.

PS: Additional integrations are also possible with our full-featured APIs.


Boost your platform with Haiilo Analytics

Haiilo Analytics gives you access to the most important key metrics of your internal communications – from user activity to employee engagement to sent messages.

Fast, easy, reliable.

Enterprise Security & Compliance

From ISO 27001 certification to GDPR compliance, Haiilo provides you with industry-leading enterprise security to help safeguard your data.

The Haiilo Effect

We support you in bringing the values and experiences of your employees to life in unique company culture.
  • %

    Up to 91 % weekly unique user rate

  • x

    5 times more engaged users

  • %

    58% less time for the search effort

  • %

    Increase profitability by up to 22%

Why our customers love Haiilo

We enable companies to drive motivation and productivity because engaged employees are the key driver for business success in the future.

And we promise: Our products will be exceptionally easy to use. Forever.

  • I liked how the Social Intranet from Haiilo helped me with my company, facilitating the organization, motivation of employees, and engineering.

  • With the mobile app, we also reach our blue-collar workers, covering the complete communication spectrum.

  • Overall, we were impressed with how quickly the system was implemented and ready for use. Because it works so smoothly, usage and acceptance within the team is high.

  • It’s so much easier to quickly come together interactively and design a workspace.

Our mission

Today’s workforce wants greater flexibility and fulfillment in their work lives. Your people’s expectations have changed, and as a result, companies also need to change in order to maintain high levels of employee engagement and happiness. Failure to adapt will see many enterprises struggle and even possibly, fail.

Haiilo is the single most intuitive and advanced platform for driving, understanding and leveraging Employee Engagement.


2.000.000+ users already count on Haiilo.