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We firmly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: our working culture is therefore structured to promote collaboration and mutual support as well as network everyone’s creativity and innovative power, thus creating added value for the customer.

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About beck et al.

Our employees are the ones who get things done at Beck et al. Services, each with his or her individual strengths, desires, and ideas. And of course the customers we work with and are dedicated to supporting. After all, it’s only interaction and creative collaboration that lead to innovative implementation and smart solutions. Each of our customers has access to the entire Beck et al. network of knowledge. That serves as a model for how we structure ourselves.

For us, concentrating on the customer means working in a network and not tolerating any silos. You can’t share responsibility, but you can assume it. As a result, we as an organization are always in a state of flux. Hierarchies get in the way more often than not. We’re organized in “communities” and “circles” and embrace the consensus principle.

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