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employee engagement software

Improve the levels of employee engagement

Satisfied employees are the key factor to business success. With Haiilo multi-channel communication software, you can keep the high levels of employee engagement by distributing the right information to the right people via their preferred communication channels. So that your employees are motivated, productive and satisfied even in times of remote and hybrid work.

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Software for all your communication needs

Our multi-channel communication software allows your employees to access necessary information, collaborate on projects and interact with their peers. Whether they’re desk-bound or deskless, our multi-channel communication software is easy and accessible.

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Reach all employees at all times

Make important information reach people where they are. With Haiilo multi-channel communication software, you can segment the audience by language, location, department and much more. No more silos or information overload. So that your employees will always receive targeted communications in a timely manner.

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Multi-channel content booster

Haiilo’s multi-channel communication software makes it extremely easy to create and distribute content. Pull the content from you favorite file storage and publish it to your employees’ preferred channel. All at the click of a button. Less time, more engagement.

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Is Haiilo a good fit for you?

Extension through plug-ins and add-ons
AI-powered advanced analytics & reporting
Multilingualism & automatic translations
Own corporate design for desktop and mobile versions
Personalized experience through target and user groups
Publishing studio for embedding and creating content
Easy to use employee app
ISO certification and GDPR compliance for data security

This is why millions
of users love Haiilo

Our customers are our #1 priority. That’s why we continuously work on making the Haiilo multi-channel communication software even better. Our award-winning products will be exceptionally easy to use. Talk to us.

  • Haiilo Share is providing Vodafone Spain with new opportunities to share content that wouldn’t otherwise be shared to our professional networks on social media while we also promote and advocate for our Vodafone Spain brand.

  • Our goal for our volunteers: Equip, Empower, Engage. These keywords are part of our program, which is why Haiilo fits so well for us. Here, these words come alive online.

    profile photo of Carolin Werner
  • We chose Haiilo Share since it has all the right ingredients for an easy-to-use interface and mobile app with just a few clicks to share content. Gamification was also essential for us to engage our users. But above all, we appreciate Haiilo Share’s analytics suite, which enables us to be data-driven in our decision-making and test our messages.

  • The response from our people internally was tremendous. I didn’t have to force anyone to join, they came to me asking for access. It became a situation where employees felt that they NEEDED access because of all the great content that they could find there.

    profile photo of Tessa Wagensveld

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This is how Coca-Cola HBC managed to create $100000 of visibility in 8 months

Coca-Cola HBC employees use Haiilo not only to share individual content but also as a platform for their own development – professionally and personally.

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    Coca-Cola HBC is a growth-oriented company and strategic bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company.

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    To scale the employer brand through employees sharing and promoting Coca-Cola HBC content internally and externally as brand ambassadors.

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    Why Haiilo?
    Coca-Cola HBC has chosen Haiilo for several reasons: the ease of use, flexibility and simple integration of the social platform.

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    In just 8 months, Coca-Cola HBC achieved $100,000 worth of social media visibility through Haiilo.

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Haiilo’s Multi-Channel Communication Integrations

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    You can integrate Haiilo with existing software for better adoption rates and seamless use.

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    Automatically pull the content from content management systems and file storage

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    Enable employees to log in using their company accounts

Our goal for our volunteers: Equip, Empower, Engage. These keywords are part of our program, which is why Haiilo fits so well for us. Here, these words come alive online.

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