Senior Product Owner

Have you ever worked in a company that actually changes the work life of people around the globe? With Haiilo we are actually ready to make the change, help our customers reach and engage their entire workforce and create a better working experience.  

In order to take our products to the next level, we are looking for a passionate and experienced Senior Product Owner.
In this role, you will be responsible for developing one vital part of our newest Haiilo product. You will drive new relevant features to help enterprise companies to
reach everyone in the company with targeted and relevant content on the channel they prefer most.
Together with your team of designers and engineers, you will shape the purpose and importance of internal communications and have an impact on the worklife of millions of employees across the globe. 

It is your chance to enter an already grown and successful company while being able to leave your visible footprint. Apply now and let’s write the next chapter of the Haiilo story – #together


  • Product
  • Berlin, Hamburg

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Who we’re looking for

Smart talents who are willing to question the status quo and continuously develop our product together as a team. Ultimately, we want to create the best employee communications platform in the world together with our partners and customers.

  • You to have gained at least 5 years of experience in the SaaS B2B product management, ideally with experience working in the employee communications, content management or a similar space
  • You have a proven track record of launching products from the idea stage to production, and can navigate your processes with ease while keeping the focus on the essentials 
  • You have a strong sense of ownership and are willing to take responsibility for your team and the product
  • You have excellent communication skills and are able to provide sprint goals as well as complex and strategic goals to different internal and external stakeholders
  • We’d love for you to show us how we can improve what we do, by voicing your ideas and by putting your experience to work
  • You believe in the vision of creating a better work experience and are eager to realize this vision together with us 

We encourage you to apply even if your profile does not yet meet all the requirements for the position. At Haiilo we support your personal development as well as your individuality, no matter what background you have. 


Your job:

As part of our newest tribe, you will build our new product that impacts the worklife of millions of people. 

  • Develop a deep understanding of the domain as well as about our customers and their challenges
  • Plan, prioritize and execute the product roadmap based on the objectively prioritized backlog and after incorporating feedback from all stakeholders
  • Collaborate with different departments to identify, evaluate and break down complex customer problems and why and how to solve them 
  • Manage product delivery in an agile environment to develop the best possible software,  that leaves our users with happy faces and make all of our competitors look old
  • Align and monitor the strategic goals and ensure to hit relevant metrics as well as the usage of the product

Depending on the respective skills, the previous experience as well as the area of responsibility, we will define the salary for this position. We can make an individual assessment and grouping in our salary matrix as soon as we have gotten to know you better in our process.

Senior Product Owner benefits

What (y)our team says

Yep, these people are looking for a new team member. Find out what they think is especially awesome about working at Haiilo.

  • Health and wellbeing are very important to me. I like that at Haiilo, mental wellbeing is openly discussed and supported through incentives like self-care-days, free Headspace subscription, and access.

  • Together with some colleagues and our People & Culture team, I initiated a diversity squad to make sure that everyone really feels at home at Haiilo. It’s great to see how colleagues and C-level are willing to invest more and more in this topic.

  • As we come out of the most anti social era of our lives, having such a great team around you has never been more important. It’s so easy to feel like your voice is being muted on zoom or your raised hand is not being acknowledged. But this team makes it so easy to feel valued.

Life at Haiilo

Wondering why we are looking for what we are looking for? Get up close with our company culture, find out what you can expect when working with us and dig up some additional info in our FAQs section. Come on! Do a quick deep-dive into Haiilo’s DNA!

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