Internal communication in 2022: challenges, expectations, and incentives


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You save time!

We have read through all the blog articles, studies, and white papers for you, and tell you why 2022 will be so extremely important for internal communication.

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Whether it’s the works council, IT, management, or the human resources department – we tell you how the individuals and departments benefit from internal communication, what challenges there are, and how to exceed all expectations.

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You revolutionize!

New Work, working from home, agile working 4.0 – the pandemic has become a game changer. We will prepare you for the time after Corona, and show you important insights that will revolutionize both internal communication and everyday working life.

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  • Managers in communications, projects, and IT

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Haiilo – that is our mission

Today’s employees are looking for meaning and a sense of belonging in the workplace. Not being able to adjust to these needs will ruin many companies within the next few years.

Haiilo provides you with the most intuitive employee engagement platform to reach, understand and inspire your employees regardless of their position or location.

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Empowering Employee Communications

Haiilo is one of the world’s largest providers of employee engagement solutions. With the Employee Engagement Cloud ( Haiilo Home, Haiilo Share, Haiilo Stories, Haiilo Insights ), Haiilo offers best-in-class software for improving corporate culture and establishing overarching communication in the workplace.

A total of more than 750 international customers – including Amazon, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Ritter Sport and Deutsche Bahn – are already relying on the so-called Haiilo effect and are, thus, putting the needs of more than 2 million employees at the forefront of their corporate culture.

2,000,000+ users already rely on the Haiilo effect.