10 Principles of Modern Employee Communications


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The workplace is changing at a fast pace and as an IC practitioner, you need
to craft the right employee communications strategy to stay on top of your game.

But how to get there?

To help you embrace today’s comms world, we’ve compiled in this eBook the
10 principles of modern communications you need to keep in mind while
communicating with the modern employee:

1. Your employees have changed
2. There’s no CX before EX
3. People trust people (not logos)
4. External is also internal
5. Measure the business impacts of your internal comms (even if you are not asked to do so)
6. People don’t remember facts, they remember stories
7. Follow the path marketing has carved
8. Dare to be human
9. Create corporate content in the voice of the employee
10. Comms is everyone’s job

Now is the time to embrace the modern employee communications age!

For whom is
this e-book?

  • Communication, project and marketing managers

  • Entrepreneurs and human resources managers

  • Beginners and digital experts

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