4 steps to successfully launching a social intranet


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The top three reasons (of many!) why you should definitely read this e-book

It’ll save your time!

We take care of the endless research so you don’t have to – and provide you with a well-structured overview of each individual planning phase. It even comes with a handy checklist.

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It’ll make you popular!

From the works council to the IT department, we explain the concerns of the various stakeholder groups, which questions are asked most frequently, and who benefits from which features. You’ll be very popular – we promise

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It’ll make you successful!

In order to successfully introduce a social intranet, you have to breathe life into it. We’ll tell you who you should have on your project team, what content you need to produce, and what you should keep in mind during the launch.

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Who is this e-book for?

  • Communication-, project- and IT managers

  • Entrepreneurs and personnel manager

  • Social intranet beginners and experts

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