What’s in the report?

  • Tables, charts, quick reference pages, and scores.
  • 34 platforms independently assessed. Each of the 20 full reviews is around 30 pages, and each of the 14 overviews is around 5 pages – all in all, covering 34 intranet systems and comms products.
  • Dozens of screenshots, showing you the inner workings of products
  • Review commentary that explains what their independent reviewers found tricky and delightful, technical tables and a price bracket indication in each review and more

How does Haiilo do?

With top scores of 4.5 & 4 the report rated Haiilo strongly in user experience and visual appeal, publishing and community management tools and also for creating a thriving engaged community.  Called out specifically was:

  • Engaging User Experience: A social media-like interface ensures an intuitive journey for users.
  • Effective Internal Communication: Haiilo equips communicators with powerful tools for impactful business news delivery.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile for a modern and dynamic workforce.
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