In this ebook:

01 What is Employee Advocacy?

02 Why Employee Advocacy?

  • Reach
  • Authenticity & Credibility
  • Employee Engagement

03  What’s in it for employees?

04  Benefits of Employee Advocacy

  • For marketing
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Communications
  • Sales

05 How to succeed with Employee Advocacy

  • Create a culture where employee advocacy can flourish
  • Set clear guidelines
  • Plan the launch strategy
  • Tools
  • Training
  • Incentivize participation
  • Measure

06 Conclusion

07 We are Haiilo


What is Employee Advocacy?

By definition, employee advocacy is the promotion of a company’s messages by its employees. Today, employee advocacy happens increasingly online, social media being the main medium for brand ambassadors. Employees have extensive networks of friends, followers, and connections on social media, and nowadays they can be reached and influenced with a click of a button. When empowered to act as brand ambassadors on social media, employees can share valuable content to their networks and build their professional brand all while increasing the company’s reach and credibility by generating meaningful conversations about the business.

Why Employee Advocacy?

Employees are the single biggest marketing asset for brands. Lately there has been a noticeable shift in the attitude of businesses towards their employees’ social media use. Growing number of companies have realized the massive potential of their employees’ networks and have clearly started to move away from compliance management to empowering and enabling their employees to create conversations around the company and the brand on social media. Nearly 40% of people spend 1-5 hours per week on business related social media activities, while on average nearly 60% of employees in formal employee advocacy programs spend more than 5 hours each week on business related social media activities.

What’s in it for employees?

Employee advocacy can help employees to be more successful in what they do. By acting as brand ambassadors, employees are able to enhance their professional brand, become thought leaders, and improve the results of their work, while expanding their network and maintaining top-of-mind. 85,6% of employees in firms with a formal employee advocacy program say that their involvement on social media for professional purposes has helped their career.

Want to know more?

Want to learn what are the exact benefits of employee advocacy for each department and how to make your first steps in implementing an EA strategy? Download our eBook and you’ll find out!


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