In this ebook:

01 What is social selling?

  • Why is social selling important?
  • Why should salespeople be active on social media?
  • How does social selling differ from traditional sales?
  • Benefits of social selling

02 Tips for getting started with social selling

  • First impression matters
  • Share and engage
  • Demonstrate your value and call-to-action
  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure
  • Social selling beyond your sales team
  • How a well-established Employee Advocacy tool can help in social selling

03  5 Steps to succeed at social selling with employee advocacy

  • Build a strategy
  • Broaden your scope & encourage participation organization-wide
  • Provide curated content
  • Allow the free use of channels
  • Keep your content flowing regularly

04  We are Haiilo


What is social selling?

Social selling is about leveraging social networks to interact with potential buyers to build revenue-driving relationships. Social selling is considered to be soft selling; instead of aggressive pitches and hard selling, prospects are approached in a way that delivers actual value right from the start. Social selling is all about answering questions, offering interesting content and engaging with prospects until they are ready to purchase from you.

Why is social selling important?

Your potential buyers are looking for information online and making comparisons to support their purchase decisions. Research tells us that 98% of B2B enterprises see value in social selling, but only 49% of them have developed social selling programs. As the majority of masses with buying-potential are to be found through social channels, a whole lot is expected from sales representatives. Customers expect to be served with helpful information and proposed solutions. Research also shows that companies with social leverage drive more revenue and renewals.

Social media have made information available for everyone. Buyers can now find most of the information needed to make a decision without a sales representative’s involvement. Thereby, it is extremely important for sales representatives to take part in the conversation as early as possible.

“Sales representatives leveraging social media in their sales techniques outsell 78%of their peers.”

Social selling outselling

Why should salespeople be active on social media?

Social media is filled with information that serves as the basis for decision making. It’s where leads evaluate options for purchasing and it’s where trustworthiness is weighed. You represent the company and your professionalism online and prospects make evaluations both based on your activity and presence on social media.

How does social selling differ from traditional sales?

The traditional sales strategy says “Always Be Closing.” Taking in the social aspect, the mantra should be changed to “Always
Be Connecting”. Having an active presence in social media discussions provides an advantage in establishing relationships before getting on the phone or setting up a meeting. Then there’s the thing about efficiency – interaction can be as simple as a comment, tweet, or retweet. It’s easier to have a meaningful call with someone you have already been in contact with. Once the relationship has been thoughtfully established, closing the deal comes more naturally.

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How to Succeed in Social Selling with Employee Advocacy