It’s been over five months since announcing our merger. The three of the strongest and most innovative leaders in the employee engagement game, COYO, Smarp and Jubiwee are debuting as a single, unified, cohesive brand – Haiilo. As Haiilo, we will continue to serve and challenge the areas of employee engagement and employee communication with our global customers.

This integration into a unified brand not only gives us a fresh new start, but more importantly, it allows us to achieve our ambitious joint goals in 2022 more seamlessly, bringing the latest innovative solutions to new and existing customers.


Welcome to the Haiilo Effect

Say hello to Haiilo.

With Haiilo, we redefine employee engagement. And we’re on a mission, empowering companies to create alignment, drive engagement and build culture.

By bringing together the best of our pioneering and user-friendly technology, we have a meaningful opportunity to not only improve the future of employee communication but to shape its innovation potential along with the help, feedback, experiences, and collaboration of our customers.

COYO’s social intranet, Jubiwee’s surveys combined with Smarp’s groundbreaking employee comms and advocacy features set Haiilo apart as a global leader and employee engagement solution provider that is unmatched in the market.

Haiilo leader in employee engagement

Glancing back at 2021 with COYO, Smarp and Jubiwee

As we unify our three powerful brands, it’s also an opportunity to look back at some of the highlights of 2021, which was a pivotal year for all three companies:

  • Expanding our customer base — In November 2021, Europe’s largest telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom went live with Haiilo Home, their new social intranet for 150,000 employees and we are extremely proud to have them among our amazing customers.
  • Growing globally — We have grown significantly in 2021 and are today collaborating, growing and innovating with more than 700 customers and 2 million users from around the world.
  • Maintaining relationships — Some of the most well-known global brands have made enormous strides with their employee engagement and internal communication initiatives in 2021, including Salesforce, Google, L’Oreal, Amazon, DHL and countless more
  • Winning over users’ hearts — As a result of our success in 2021, we received the ClearBox Choice Award for high-score performances in user experience, visual appeal, mobile and frontline support, and community engagement. And on G2 we were able to keep our leading position in both the employee communications and employee engagement categories.

It is a very friendly platform for end-users and admins alike, with simple creation tools that produce attractive end-results

ClearBox Choice Awards

Bracing for impact in 2022

Without question, 2022 will be our biggest year yet.

And we have quite a lot of exciting new features and developments coming soon that we can’t wait to announce and bring to our customers.

In everything that we do as we drive further into 2022, we’ll build and improve through two key objectives that drive our organization.

  1. Integrating our powerful product suite | We endeavor to deliver an incredibly seamless integration between all four products of our suite so that we can leverage the unique value propositions that the combination of our Haiilo products provides.
  2. Enhancing our core technology | We are fully committed – even more so than ever before – to continuing with the modernization and enhancement of our core technology that will allow us and our customers to stay competitive in these times of a rapidly changing workplace landscape.

Social features are particularly good, with lots of opportunities to build a community feel through the platform

ClearBox Choice Awards

Continued improvements with four key initiatives

While our integration will be a priority, so will the continued development of our core products to further enhance our customers’ growth and employee engagement initiatives.

High-priority items on the Haiilo journey in 2022 and beyond include four key initiatives.

1. Accessibility

Making Haiilo’s full suite of products and services available for everyone means a commitment from us to integrate organic accessibility options and features throughout.

Accessibility has never played a more critical role in the workplace for our customers and us, and we are committed to actionizing new and easier-to-use concepts into our solutions.

That’s why we are investing resources into resolving open issues and modifying our processes to help make our products more easily available to everyone.

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2. Design

The seamless look and feel of the full suite of Haiilo products is driven by our market-leading and incredibly intuitive design.

Leading up to the rebrand and continuing into this year, we’ve been dedicating our time and resources to fine-tuning a consistent design vision across our whole platform.

In addition to our Haiilo branding, this design vision will also include periodic releases throughout the year of new cutting-edge design patterns that are designed to enhance usability and productivity for our customers.

News and content creation is simple but effective, with advanced features that can make use of a variety of engaging widgets.

ClearBox Choice Awards

3. Consistent new features

We’ve heard our customers’ feedback loud and clear and are happy to acknowledge that with our merger, we have doubled down on our commitment to bringing new features to customers in a faster way.

Our customers can look forward to benefiting from the latest features on a more regular basis, meaning employees will always have the latest improvements at their fingertips.

4. Increasing user interaction

We know that actively-engaged users are more likely than passively-engaged users to regularly return to Haiilo’s platform, which means they’re also more likely to identify with their company positively. These engaged users help to develop and improve their companies’ culture.

That’s why we’re exploring and developing new ways to turn regular users of the Haiilo platform into highly engaged ones.
These include enhancing interactive components with new social reactions, rapid polls and surveys, gifs and animations, podcasts, and many more ideas.

As we stretch deeper into 2022, we’re continuing to help grow our existing customers’ employee engagement initiatives. At the same time, we’re looking forward to helping new customers familiarize themselves with the Haiilo product suite and integrating them on board for their Haiilo journey.

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