If you are looking for inspiring newsletter examples to improve your email marketing efforts, you have come to the right place!

Even though some professionals say that emails are dying, most marketers don’t agree. In fact, email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023, and 37% of brands are increasing their email budget while just 1.3% are making cuts. 

But how to make newsletters more engaging?

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Keep reading because in this blog, we will show you a few of our favorite newsletter examples. 

Before doing so, let’s cover the anatomy of a perfectly created newsletter.

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Newsletter

Did you know that 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month? 

So newsletters shouldn’t be just another marketing channel to promote your products and services. It should be a well-thought collection of content relevant to your target audience. It should be accessible, sent at the right time to the right recipient, and it should have a clear call to action depending on your campaign goals

According to Pathwire research, the most significant steps marketers take to champion accessibility when creating their emails are writing short, descriptive subject lines, making links and buttons easy to see, and keeping paragraphs short and simple.

So how to build a perfect newsletter?

Even though there isn’t a single template that should be used to build a great newsletter, there are a few must-follow rules marketers should follow. 

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Catchy subject line

Your newsletter’s subject line is a critical component of every newsletter. It is what determines the newsletter’s open rate, one of the most important email marketing metrics

According to research, the most effective email subject lines engage curiosity, include promotional offers, and are personalized to each recipient’s interests. 

However, the best way to determine what kind of subject lines best work for your audience is by A/B testing. 

Company logo

This one is a no-brainer. Most newsletter examples have their company logo design at the very top of the email. This is the best way to let the readers know who is sending the newsletter. 

Main piece of content

Weekly and monthly newsletters usually contain multiple pieces of content. However, it is good to highlight a single piece of content that you wish to get special attention for. Include an image, a short and catchy description, and an inviting CTA that best fits the offer. 

2-4 educational pieces of content 

Be careful not to overcrowd your newsletter. Moreover, there may be times when you want to send a single ebook, event invitation, or promo code to your audience. 

In other cases, 2-4 content pieces, in addition to the main one are your best bet!

Main CTA

This section is optional, depending on the business. Some organizations, mostly in B2B software indlustry, tend to include a bottom-of-the-funnel CTA such as demo request or a free trial. 

Even though newsletters should never be too salesy, it doesn’t hurt to include such an option at the bottom of your newsletters. 

Option to unsubscribe

According to GDPR rules, all your subscribers should be able to unsubscribe from marketing emails at any point. To stay compliant with the GDPR rules and regulations, make sure that your newsletters always have an unsubscribe button in the footer. Doing this will also positively impact your email sender reputation. 


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Social links

Your newsletter’s footer should also include social links. This is just another way to promote your social profiles and encourage people to follow you. 

24 Content Examples to Include In Your Newsletter

There are different types of newsletters based on the audience. We divide them in 3 main categories: newsletter for existing and potential customers, internal company newsletter for employees, and newsletter for potential and existing job candidates (perfect if you care about recruitment marketing and employer branding).  

Let’s take a look at some content examples for each of the categories. 

Customer newsletter

Depending on the industry, customer newsletters can include many different things. If you are in the fashion industry, you may include a new collection announcement in your newsletter, and if you are in the pet industry, you may send content about how to train a dog. 

Here are some content examples you can include in your customer newsletter. 

  • Promo codes, discounts, and coupons
  • New releases/collections
  • Thought leadership blogs (tips and tricks, how tos, listicles, and similar)
  • Thought leadership podcasts
  • Company updates (ex., mergers and acquisitions, social and corporate responsibility acts, new leadership, etc…)
  • Event updates
  • Product reviews 
  • Gated content  (a.ka.lead magnets such as ebooks, webinars, templates, online calculators, community memberships, and similar)

💡 Newsletter should never be the only way to share your company’s content. Check out other ways to distribute content!

Employee newsletter 

Having an internal newsletter is a must for organizations that care about their employee communications strategy. Sending a weekly or monthly newsletter to your employees can help you keep them up to date with important company information. 

Today’s employees are receiving 88 emails a day, so it’s crucial that your internal newsletter gets – and keeps – employee attention.

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Here are a few examples you can include in your company newsletter

  • Important company updates
  • “From our CEO” announcements 
  • Internal open positions and career advancement opportunities
  • Company policy updates
  • Ambassadorship opportunities (as a part of your employee advocacy program)
  • Tips and tricks (ex. “How to organize your work when working remotely” or “Top 10 productivity tips”)
  • Invitations to company events
  • Internal company podcasts
  • Referral opportunities
  • Public kudos and shout outs

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Candidate newsletter

As a part of your talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategy, you should consider implementing a newsletter for the applicants in your talent pool

Here is what you can include in the newsletter:

  • Company updates
  • New job opportunities
  • Industry updates (ex. Outlooks and projections about certain careers)
  • Career fair invitations
  • Employee testimonials and interviews
  • Tips and tricks (ex. “How to prepare for a job interview” or “How to find your dream job”)

6 Internal (Employee) Newsletter Examples

Proper internal communications is critical for better business performance. But how can employers cut through the noise and catch their workers’ attention when their email folders are too crowded anyway?

By making content more interesting, personalized, and relevant to the audience!

Here are a few employee newsletter examples to test out.

Meet your new colleagues

Every time you hire a new employee, you can send out a newsletter introducing them to the rest of the workforce. Tell them about their background and a fun fact about their lives. This is a great way to start conversations, particularly in remote and hybrid workplaces where people don’t see each other in person.

Tips and tricks

There are many examples of newsletters in which you can send out some tips and tricks to your employees. With the emergence of remote and hybrid work, many employees have been struggling with productivity. On the other hand, some are struggling to unplug after work which can have a negative impact on their wellbeing.

So save up some space in your internal newsletter for productivity-related tips and tricks.

Company updates

To keep your workplace informed at all times, consider implementing a weekly newsletter with important company updates. These can contain all the information relevant to your business such as product updates, leadership changes, industry and market opportunities, and other.

From our CEO

Leadership communication is important for building trust in the workplace. Employees expect leaders and C-level executives to be honest and transparent. Hence, consider sending out a quarterly internal newsletter with a few words from your CEO.

Some companies take a step further and record videos or hold live Q&A webinars or podcasts.

Monthly experience checks

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The best way to measure your employees’ experience and happiness at work is by sending regular pulse surveys. So save a spot in your internal newsletter to send out a short survey and collect responses from your workers. 

Ambassadorship opportunities

If you have an employee advocacy program, a great newsletter example would be a call out for employees to share the company’s content on their personal social profiles. 

To gamify the experience and motivate the ambassadors, include some rewards for those who are most engaged!

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5 External (Customer) Newsletter Examples

In some industries, email marketing can be much more profitable than paid ads, social media, or any other marketing channel. But how to make your emails stand out and catch the reader’s attention?

Let’s look at a few examples.

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E-commerce newsletter example


This newsletter by Sephora is a great example of a well-thought email marketing strategy in the e-commerce industry. It contains four sections with clear call-to-actions. It starts with a featured weekly offering, followed by a personalized selection of products from their webshop. The third section contains some additional offerings for loyalty members, and it finishes with CTAs to download the company’s mobile app. 

💡Extra tip: Do you know that the overall average open rate for basket abandonment emails is 40%, with a click-through rate of almost 29%? Make sure that your use email marketing for retargeting!

B2B software newsletter example


Zapier is a well-known brand in the SaaS business. Even though Zapier sends different types of newsletters based on subscription type, they like to feature their product’s new features and functionalities. 

In this example, they feature two of their new features with descriptive CTAs. Since Zapier puts a lot of effort into employer branding and talent acquisition strategies, they often include new job opportunities in their monthly newsletters.  

Hospitality and tourism newsletter example


When we talk about travel and tourism, images are everything! People choose based on what they see. So adding inviting images to your travel newsletter is critical for user engagement. 

Emails that include some sort of graphic have a higher open rate and CTR than their text-oriented emails.

This newsletter example represents a fun, simple, and efficient newsletter in the tourism industry. 

Food and lifestyle newsletter example


We chose this newsletter example because of its timeliness. Adjusting your food newsletter content based on the holiday season can greatly increase readership and email open rates. 

Nonprofit newsletter example


This newsletter example is special because it has no call-to-actions, and it doesn’t use a beautiful design like the examples above. It begins with a powerful photo and goes on to tell the story of how the organization was able to help her and thousands of children in Sudan. 

Including personal stories in nonprofit (and other) newsletters make them more authentic and interesting to the readers.  

Engage Your Employees With Great Newsletters

According to research, 35% of emails are left unread, and email overload can be a big productivity killer in the workplace. Because many emails are irrelevant to recipients, people tend to ignore them. This is one of the biggest challenges for internal communications professionals who need to find a way to cut through the noise and keep the workforce informed and engaged. 

Internal newsletters need to be personalized, engaging and targeted to the right audience (we have shared a few internal newsletter examples above). Their performance should be continuously measured and improved based on real data. 

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