The advantages and importance of employee advocacy have been widely advertised. Not only does it improve the company’s image, but also supports the employees thought leadership in the community and raises their personal profile. It is crucial to get your employees actively engaged with your advocacy program, since employees of a company tend to have 10 times more followers than the company itself. 


Especially the management and C-levels often have valuable networks that would greatly improve the reach of the company’s messages when they share any updates. Unfortunately, those people don’t always have the time to post on their social media channels. 


This is why the Post on Behalf-feature has been the most requested one amongst our customers – a possibility to leverage the network of the key players in your company by posting on their behalf even if they don’t have the time. 


We’re happy to announce the Post of Behalf feature will soon be available for all customers of our employee advocacy platform!


The benefits of the Post on Behalf feature

  • It allows companies to leverage the network of their organization’s thought leaders who might not have the time to post on their social media channels 
  • Your company messages will get a further and better reach, also in different timezones
  • After the post has been published, the author will receive like and comment notifications, so that they can engage themselves with the comments and discussions on their post. Improving their thought leadership in the process.


How does Post on Behalf work?

Now that we covered the benefits of the feature, let’s look at the simple steps you need to follow to post on behalf of your key players. As always, we’ve worked closely with our users to make the feature as intuitive as possible, so the process will only take you 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Define the content owners and the content writers

Both content owners & writers can be searched via an easy drop-down menu. At the same time, you can define if the content writer should only be able to create the content or can also share the content externally.


screenshot of haiilo tools

Step 2: Content creation

If you have been granted permissions to be a content writer, you can choose to create posts from your own name, or on behalf of somebody else. No matter the role, the post creation happens via the familiar process.

Post on behalf

Step 3: The content owners approve the suggested content, and the sharing can begin!

If somebody has been creating posts on your behalf, the suggested posts will appear in your personal feed. You can still decide to make changes or directly approve/decline from your feed. After that, the sharing, liking and commenting on your social media channels can begin.

News feedNewsfeed

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